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September 28, 2018

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The ability to the systems EU of recycling of the ships - Shipbreaking Platform and T&E support - is more than sufficient in order to demolish the ships EU

The two organizations emphasize that the ability to the yards authorized to this activity in Europe is undershoot

According to Shipbreaking Platform and Transport & Environment (T&E), two organizations whose objective is to diminish the impact on the atmosphere of the activities of naval demolition and transport, the ability to the systems of recycling of the ships that currently are included in the directory of the plants authorized from the European Union to according to carry out such activity of Regolamento EU n. 1257 of 2013 are more than sufficient to answer to the question of flag ships EU that must be demolished. The two organizations assure it on the base of they analysis whom it evidences as the 20 yards of the EU that currently they are recognized consistent to the standards on the recycling of the ships (the list, adopted initially to end 2016 and dawned on 4 May, it includes 21 systems of recycling in reality) would have had sufficient ability in order to recycle all the ships clappers flag EU that are placed in demolition from 2015.

On such bases Shipbreaking Platform and T&E they have exhorted the legislators of the European Union to resist to the addressed pressures to delay the application of Regolamento or to the inclusion in the directory of the authorized systems of plants that are not consistent to the European standards for the demolition of the ships.

"The dispute of the shipowners centralized on the ability - it has emphasized the director of Shipbreaking Platform, Ingvild Jenssen - is clearly misleading. Alternatives to the spiaggiamento of the fine ships to life exist. It means not to accept the low standards of safety and protection of the atmosphere that allow with many not authorized yards to operate to low cost".

In particular, Shipbreaking Platform and T&E criticize the dispute of the deficiency of ability to demolition of the included European ship yards in the list of the systems authorized from the EU that is moved by the shipowners as they find that the ability indicated in the directory in terms of the maximum volume of recycling of the ships is in reality "the historical" ability to these plants calculated on the base of the maximum tonnage that every yard has recycled in the past decade and this - they have evidenced the two organizations in their analysis - does not reflect the real ability to tonnage that the yard can currently recycle, in particular because for many years the yards included inthe list EU has had to beneath operate of their ability because of the treacherous competition capacity from yards substandard that they do not have to support the costs for a correct and sure demolition of the ships.

Moreover Shipbreaking Platform and T&E have found that the new yards that take part of the list and that have not still begun their activity are included in the directory attributing to it ability pairs to zero. On the base of these and other considerations, the two organizations have emphasized that the real ability to recycling of ships of the currently authorized yards from the EU is of 1.150.274 tons of displacement in vain (ldt) and of 328.192 ldt as is not deduced adding the maximum annual volume of recycling of the ships of the systems indicated in the directory.

"The activity of demolition of the ships EU - Lucy Gilliam has commented, that he takes part of the team that takes care of the fields of the aerial and marine transport of T&E - represents an opportunity in order to promote the circular economy and in order to create places of work greens in Europe. The yards that are included in the directory of the EU have the ability to demolish all the flag ships EU and not only those. Not there are excusing in order to send ships in situated dangerous and polluting yards on spiagge far".

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