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16 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:10 GMT+2

October 3, 2018

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In the 2017 transport of goods by sea it has grown of +4.0% and in the period the 2018-2023 attended annual medium increase is of +3.8%

Fiftieth annual report of the UNCTAD on the marine transport

In the 2017 world-wide transport of goods by sea the elevated increment has grown of +4.0% regarding the year precedence marking percentage more of the last quinquennium. It evidences the last edition anniversary of the "Maritime UNCTAD Review of Transport", the analysis on the marine transport elaborated from the Conference of the United Nations on the Commerce and Development (UNCTAD) that it has reached in 2018 50° the year of publication. Last year the world-wide fleet has transported altogether 10,7 billion tons of cargos, with an increase of 411 million tons on 2016 of which the almost half constituted from bulk sand banks.

If in the 2017 this last cargo type it has recorded an increase of +4.0% on the year precedence regarding achieved +1.7% in 2016, last year - after two years in which the percentages more contained are marked than increase of the containerized trade never recorded with a +1.1% in 2015 and a +3.1% in 2016 - the containerized transports are increased of +6.4%, that it is the elevated percentage more from 2011. Altogether in the 2017 containerized transport by sea it has been pairs to a total of 148 million container from 20 ' (teu).

In the field of the liquid bulk, last year the trend of increase of the marine transports of crude oil has turned out less supported with an increase of +2.4% on 2016, while the refined producing transports of oil and gas have marked an increment of +3.9%.

The UNCTAD previews that in the 2018 transport of goods for marine way it will newly record an increase of +4.0%, with a rise of the volumes in all the main merceologici segments and in particular in those of the container and the bulk sand banks that will turn out advanced to the increase of the liquid bulk. The United Nation moreover previews that in the period the 2018-2023 annual rate increase composed of the marine transport will be of +3.8%, with a +4.9% of the bulk sand banks, a +6.0% of the transports in container, a +1.7% of the transports of crude oil and a +2.6% of the oil produced ones and the gas.

"Even if the perspectives for the marine commerce are positive - the general secretary of the UNCTAD, Mukhisa Kituyi has perceived but - these are threatened rebelling of commercial wars and from the political increasing of closing. The escalation of protectionism and the battles on the rates to the standard of the "eye for eye" - it has found Kituyi - will be able potentially to be harmful to the system of total commercial exchanges that supports the question of marine transport".

The relative analysis anniversary to 2017 of the UNCTAD examines various aspects of the marine transport between which the consistency of the world-wide fleet, finding that last year an light resumption of the increase of the fleet has happened that has turned out pairs to 42 million tons of tonnage in more regarding 2016, for an increment percentage pairs to +3.3%.

As for the property of the world-wide fleet, in 2017 Greece it has been confirmed overhead to classifies with a fleet of 4.371 ships (+5.7% on 2016) for an ability to hold of 330,2 million 3,597 gross ship and capacities in tons (+12.7%), of which 774 ships (+6.3%) of national flag for 65,0 million tpl (+0.4%) of foreign or international flag (+5.5%) for 265,2 million tpl (+16.1%). According to it is Japan with a fleet of 3.841 ships (- 3.2%) for 229,0 million tpl (- 2.3%), of which 988 ships of national flag (+18.3%) for 38,0 million tpl (+32.2%) and 2,853 ships of foreign flag (- 9.0%) for 185,6 million tpl (- 7.3%). Al third place China with 5.512 ships (+11.1%) for 183,1 million tpl (+15.2%), of which 3,556 unit of national flag (+16.8%) for 83,6 million tpl (+12.9%) and 1,956 of foreign flag (+2.1%) for 99,4 million tpl (+17.3%). Fourth Germany with 2.869 ships (- 14.6%) for 107,1 million tpl (- 10.1%), of which 319 of national flag (+32.9%) for 11,7 million tpl (+3.7%) and 2,550 of foreign flag (- 18.3%) for 95,4 million tpl (- 11.6%). Al fifth Singapore place with a fleet of 2.629 ships (+3.0%) for 103,6 million tpl (+8.7%), with a fleet of national flag that - it is deduced comparing the last analysis of the UNCTAD regarding that relative one to 2016 - would be constituted by 240 ships of national flag (- 84.0%) for 2,2 million tpl (- 96.3%) and by 2.389 of foreign flag (+126.7%) for 101,3 million tpl (+202.0%), evidencing that which would have been a hemorrhage from the flag of Singapore of ship of riconducibile property to Singapore.

Relatively to the naval registries, in the 2017 Panama hat it has been confirmed to the first place with 7.914 ships for 335,9 million tpl regarding 8.153 ships for 334,4 million tpl in the year precedence. Al according to place is gone up the registry of the Marshall Islands with 3.419 ships for 237,8 million tpl, regarding 2.942 ships for 200,1 million tpl in 2016, that Liberia classified third with 3.321 ships for 223,7 million has climbed over tpl regarding 3.185 ships for 206,3 million tpl in 2016.

As for the field of the shipbuilding, in 2017 beyond 90% of the constructive ability it was present in China, South Korea and Japan, while 79% of the ability to naval demolition present era in southern Asia, in particular in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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