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October 3, 2018

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Ok of the BEAUTIFUL ones to maxi the financing of 195 million euros for the ports of Civitavecchia and Fiumicino

Of Majo: the deep ones will allow with the AdSP to carry to term the great part of the works previewed in the harbour town development plans

Friday the European Investment Bank (BEAUTIFUL) has approved of a financing of about 195 million euros to favor to the Authority of Harbour System of the Center-Northerner Tyrrhenian Sea for the widening of the port of Civitavecchia and the construction of a terminal you ferry in the port of Fiumicino, project that previews a total expense of about 515 million euros. The preliminary investigation in order to obtain the financing of the BEAUTIFUL ones was restarted last year by the AdSP as a result of the closing of the procedure of infraction of the EU commission against the Italian government on the lacked respect the directive Habitat and as a result of the assessment by the Commission of the respect of such directive in the within of the project of harbour development of Civitavecchia.

"The approval by the BEAUTIFUL ones of this financing - it has emphasized, president of the AdSP of the Centro Settentrionale Tyrrhenian Sea, Francesco Maria di Majo - is a news of enormous importance for the ports of Rome and the Latium that will allow with the AdSP to carry to term the great part of the works previewed in the harbour town development plans of Civitavecchia and Fiumicino, affording so to the Network to make the much waited for "quality jump" in the panorama of the shipping world-wide".

"Such objective - it has added of Majo - could be reached with the necessary contribution by the Region Latium and of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports that, favorably, will support also this fundamental harbour infrastructural participation for the development of the competitiveness of the national logistics. Finally, so, the Capital of Italy and the surrounding areas (that they represent according to basin for consumption on a national level and the fifth to European level) let alone main Italian and European airport (with than more 40 million passengers) will have equipped ports that they will be able to satisfy the requirements commercial, industrial and tourist of the territory".

Relatively to Civitavecchia, the project will regard the realization of great infrastructural works, between which in particular completion of the relative works to the docks services and ferries and the extension of the outer dam, let alone the relative viabilistiche connections. To Fiumicino, the project will comprise the construction of the new dock fishings boat and the first phase of the new commercial port to service of fleeting ferries, ships ro-ro, cruise ships, thanks to the realization of two new breakwaters and of an important work dredging.

Thanking those who have collaborated in order to obtain the financing of BEAUTIFUL and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that through the permanent representation EU is successful to carry to term, with the support of the Ministry of the Atmosphere, the Region Latium and the offices of the AdSP, the procedure of infraction of the EU commission that for years it had suspended the preliminary investigation of the financing, of Majo has remembered that however the consolidation of the strategic role of the ports of Rome and the Latium will need also of the completion of the railway and road connections towards Orte and Fiumicino.

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