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October 5, 2018

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Global Maritime Forums, undersigned a call for action for a restricted decarbonizzazione of the marine industry

Emphasized the necessity to stimulate the search and the development and the introduction of technological innovations

Yesterday to Hong Kong, in occasion of the conclusive day of the summit anniversary of Global Maritime Forum (GMF), the organization not profit whose scope is in the long term to promote the sustainable development of the marine industry, 34 leaders of primary companies of the field have undersigned a demand for participation turn to lead the marine industry towards a decarbonized future in which the modalities are specified with which the transition would have to happen towards fuel to zero emissions, measures that, above all, would have to be introduced in the picture of the initial strategy in order to reduce of 50% the gas emissions to greenhouse effect produced from the ships within the 2050 respect the levels of the 2008 that recently is adopted by the Member States Maritime of Organizational International (IMO)(on 13 April 2018).

If the document emphasizes that the strategy would have to be ambitious and online with the objectives of control of the agreed increase of the world-wide temperature to the conference on the climate of Paris of December 2015, rimarca also that the norms in order to achieve these objectives would have to supply certainties to the backers in the long term, to the naval constructors, the shipowners and the charters to the aim of being able to carry out the necessary investments in technologies to lowlands carbon emissions. Moreover - specific the call for action - it would have to be adopted a oriented approach at the market and the objectives of reduction of the emissions would have to be reached to the minor possible cost and the field would have to be able to experience the use of a system of rates based on the emissions of carbon dioxide or other mechanisms that can generate economic value from the initiatives of reduction of the gas emissions to greenhouse effect.

Moreover the strategy would have to meanwhile promote the acceleration of the use of technologies and fuel to lowlands carbon dioxide emissions encouraging the financings in the field of the search and the development. The document finds moreover the urgency to adopt some measures to mean and long term, that they would have to be applied before 2023, included the development of fuel to emissions zero to the aim to introduce solutions for the decarbonizzazione within 2030.

The document states also the necessity that the implemented solutions would have to be times to strengthen the current technical, operating and energetic measures, maintaining or improving the standards of safety and emphasizes the importance that, in this context, all the norms of the IMO in environmental field are compatible with the future norms in order to achieve the objective in 2050. At last the precise document that the norms established from the IMO and applied to the Member States would have to be legal binding in order to make so that the marine industry adheres to the measures previewed from the transition strategy.

"The transition of the marine industry towards a future to lowlands carbon emissions - Claus Hemmingsen, vice managing director of shipowning group Danish A.P has commented. Møller-Mærsk, one of the companies signers of the document - he will stimulate is the technological innovation that the innovation of the business model. The adapted incentives for the acceleration of the investments in the research & development - it has specified Hemmingsen - can arrive only if we will have an emitted total regulation from the IMO".

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