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24 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 01:13 GMT+2

October 9, 2018

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Conftrasporto proposes to assign to the Authority of Regulation of the Transports role and competences on the harbour concessions

The confederation advances a series of proposals for the reform of the legislation in harbour matter

Today, in occasion of the day conclusive to Cernobbio, on the lake of Como, of the fourth edition of the International Forum of Conftrasporto, the adherent confederation to Confcommercio, that it groups the associations of the world of the transport, the shipment and the logistics, has introduced a focus on the ports realized from Conftrasporto on Sispi data from which it emerges that in last the 20 years the goods in container enlivened in the Mediterranean is increased of +500% and that in the Italian ports the increment has been only of +50%, a difference that second the confederation is one's fault a fragmented system and of a heavy bureaucracy, that they above all stop the increase of the national ports, many of which have old town development plans 60-year-old, and of the deficiency of a coordination, a direction cabin on a national level.

The relationship of Conftrasporto finds that the distribution of the container terminal interests 13 Italian ports on 57 and that the current theoretical ability to handling of the operating terminals is of 16,7 million teu, that is greater of about 60% of recorded effective handling in 2017, sign that the potentialities are decidedly higher regarding the real result, even if the situations particularly are differentiated with terminal saturate in some little used ports and in others.

In its Which jutted out relationship it evidences that between the problems that weigh on the Italian portualità there is also that of the resources for the triennial operations plans of the Authorities of Harbour System (AdSP): "in order to make an example - the confederation explains - against a triennial programming of about 6,3 billion euros, the cover financial institution, in average, turns out little advanced to a third party of the previewed expense. Lacking, then, every form of central coordination in the programming of the works, the result is a disomogenea situation, with rules that change from port of call to port of call and a picture of disarticulated system".

The focus emphasizes moreover that also the normative constraints and the operating difficulties of some Authorities of Harbour System stretch to stop the development of infrastructures: "looking to the advance of the expense of the infrastructural projects of the ports, co-financed with deep the Europeans - Conftrasporto specifies - one discovers in fact that - against 60 projects which monitored on 17 ports of call (for a cost of 718 million euros) - the effective percentage of the resources used financial institutions is firm to 41.76%. With various procedures public-private investments for 15 billion euros could leave".

Between the unsolved issues that brake the Italian portualità Conftrasporto includes also that relative one to the allocation in concession of the docks and spaces harbour to the private ones because of the lacked emanation, almost a quarter of century from law 84 of 1994 on ports, of national regulations that would have had to normare in uniform way such new faculty. "We have, so, assisted - the confederation emphasizes - to proliferating of situations differentiated, with cases of concessions which released with minimal engagements at the expense of the private ones, without real guarantees for the Harbour Authorities, with criteria of determination of the canon deeply variable from truth to truth. It is too much obvious end that this has still today determined and determines a distortion of the market. Beginning from years 2014 and 2105, own when the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports seted off on ordering, the topic of the release, but still more of I renew, has become central, for the obvious worry that a various regulation could prohibit or however to limit renews of concession".

The relationship places also the attention on the difficulty of the ports to adapt to the new challenges capacities from the naval gigantism that the current presence has determined on the market of beyond 464 portacontenitori ships of cargo ability comprised between 10 and 20 thousand teu and others 118 units of great dimensions that will enter in circuit within 2020. Giant ships that demand deeper backdrops, therefore excavation work, therefore ulterior resources. "From the carried out recognition - the confederation specifies - the total requirements of escavo in the Italian ports are estimable pairs to about 85 million cubic metres of materials dredging, of which about 30 million urgent. Such activities turn out, moreover, particularly onerous in those ricompresi ports inside Sites of National Interest (Until), areas that need of participations of reclamation under the direction of the Ministry of the Atmosphere. In the within of the 11 national ports re-entering in Until, (between which Livorno, Piombino, Naples, Porto Torres, Brindisi, Taranto, Venice and Trieste) the reclamation activities are completed in variable quota between 0% and 20%, to clearly of Piombino, attesting to 45%".

For giving to an answer adapted to these and other problems that weigh on the competitiveness of the national portualità Conftrasporto it has introduced a series of proposals to the reform on the legislation in introduced harbour matter to half 2016, reform that two years ago some considered appreciable, others judged and partial and unsatisfactory and that other anchor today deems exceeded.

According to Conftrasporto, in the first instance it goes rethought the National Conference of Coordination of the Authorities of Harbour System (AdSP) bringing back it to the previewed original configuration from the reform, that is an instrument conceived for being the center premails to define the strategy and the national programming. Moreover it would go strengthened the Direction Ports of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports so as to be able to carry out not only the already important role of vigilance, but also the necessary action of national harmonization of the procedures of the AdSP.

For Conftrasporto it would have also to structure task force national between Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports and Ministry of the Atmosphere in order to supply support to the Authorities of Harbour System to the aims of a homogenous implementation in the territory of the introduced procedural simplifications for the realization of the escavi harbour. The confederation considers also favorable that the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports and the Ministry of the Economy gives to uniform indications and directives to the revisers of the accounts, to the aims of they homogenous activity of vigilance on the activity of the AdSP, dedicating also a precise formation for the specificities of the harbour systems.

Between the proposals of Conftrasporto there are also those of the creation of a dashboard of monitoring of the previsional aspects of mean and long period and of the triennial operations plans of all the Authorities of Harbour System and of the promotion of a greater homogenization of the procedures for the harbour security, facing also the topic of the cybersecurity.

According to the confederation it would go also coordinated the development of systems ITS (Intelligent Transport System) avoiding replying itself of the experience of the port community system been born to spot of leopard with deeply differentiated models from port to port. Moreover, in this total within of the digitalisation, it would have to be reasoned on the function and the mission of Uirnet in future key.

Conftrasporto has proposed to also take part on the relative dispositions to the harbour concessions emanating without delay Regolamento on the harbour concessions, previewed from article 18 of law 84 of 1994 and - second the confederation - in the blackberries of the emanation, in consideration of the role of the Authority of Regulation of the Transports (ART), would be opportune a collaboration between ART and the Direction Ports of the MIT to go to a fast harmonization of the system. "He is not tolerable - denunciation to such Conftrasporto purpose - the difference between port and port, also of the same Authority of System, in terms of duration of the concessions, plans of enterprise, amounts of the concession canons, differences that alter the competition and favor true forms of speculation. It would be, in particular, opportune - for Conftrasporto - to attribute to the Authority of Regulation of Transports ART role and specific competences, regarding the new harbour concessions to not only release, but also regarding those existing to the aims of the monitoring, the coordination and the control of the performance of the enterprise plans. Within such review of the competences of the Authority, they would go characterized various modalities of financing of the same one, placing at the expense of the collectivity a regolatoria activity carried out to guarantee d advanced interests publics".

The confederation wishes also a reorganization of the governance of the Authorities of Harbour System finding that it is necessary to exceed the ambiguous legal nature of the AdSP being estimated, firstly, the modification of the current Istat directory who numbers the Harbour Authorities between the public administrations (dissects Local governments). Moreover for Conftrasporto they would go ulteriorly deepened and, if detailed, the application withins of I decree legislative 165/2001 in topic of general norms on the ordering of the job to the dependencies of the public administrations. “For example - the confederation specifies - the application of the privatistico contract of the ports to the dependent of the AdSP badly is conciliated with constraints of Public Administration”.

Moreover for Conftrasporto it would go altogether made also a definitive and radical choice with respect to the operation of the AdSP, and in this within it would go previewed the possibility for the president to delegate to the leaders some competences and functions, and would go extended the duration of the mandate of the president who would have to be carried from four to five years, as the confederation considers that a difference year can represent very regarding the fixed objectives.

At last Conftrasporto asks a rivisitazione for the norm on the Organism of Partnership of the Resource Sea of the AdSP, than second the confederation it would have to be a place lived from the presidents of the AdSP as center of proposal and aid to the programming, valuing the role of the economic categories. Moreover it would have to absorb the functions attributed to the advisory commission.

In occasion of the today's Forum an investigation of Conftrasporto-Confcommercio, realized in collaboration with Isfort is introduced also, on the impact of collapse of the Morandi Bridge happened to half August to Genoa from which it turns out that is that the total economic damage for the enterprises of the road haulage in transit for the node of Genoa has exceeded 116 million euros, beyond two million euro to the day.

Collapse of the Morandi bridge involves a lengthening of 120 kilometers for the crosswalk of Genoa from East to West and 70 kilometers in inverse sense, that every day generates an increment of the costs pairs to 568.500 euros, of which 80% at the expense of the enterprises of transport and 20% of the manufacturers that use of means own.

According to Conftrasporto, the increment of an hour in mean times of distance caused from the congestion of the traffic in the genoese node generates an increase of costs for about 4 thousand the trucks that enter and exit every day from the port of Genoa pairs to 265.200 euros, while for the 31,500 heavy vehicles that cross the city the additional cost is of 2,08 million euros.

Concluding today the work of the Forum of Cernobbio, the vice president of Confcommercio-Conftrasporto, Paolo Uggè, has emphasized that “with an adequate logistics and transports working our Country can change its role”. In its short participation Boredoms the necessity has rimarcato “to live the current situation in the knowledge of that it will succeed tomorrow” and that “the system of the transports must give an adapted answer in existence to the evolutions”. From part its - she has added - “Conftrasporto has decided of giving an associative answer of system, because the water with the hands cannot be stopped”.

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