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October 10, 2018

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In three years 2018-2020 a prosecuzione of the increase of the traffic of the goods and the passengers in Germany is attended

For the marine transport, after a 2018 down, light increments are attended anniversaries

In three years 2018-2020 the volumes of traffic of the goods and the passengers in Germany will continue to record a supported increase supported lasting of a positive development of the macroeconomic framework. It evidences a previsional study in the mid term commissioned from the German federal Ministry of the Transports and elaborated from the society of advising Intraplan Consult GmbH.

If in the 2017 transport of the goods on the German territory it is piled to 4,40 billion tons, with an increment of +1.9% on the year precedence, in 2018 is attended a total of 4,49 billion tons, with an increase of +2.0% on 2017, in the 2019 tons (+2.3%) and in 2020 are previewed 4,59 billion 4,68 billion tons (+2.0%).

In the segment of the transport on the road the volume of traffic in the 2017 has been attested 3,68 billion to tons (+2.2%) and the forecasts for 2018, 2019 and 2020 are respective of 3,76 billion tons (+2.2%), 3,85 billion tons (+2.3%) and 3,93 billion tons (+2.1%).

In the field of the rail shipments 2017 have been archived item with a traffic of 401,0 million tons (+0.5%) of which 101,0 million tons of arranged traffic (+0.3%), in the 2018 tons of cargos transported on track (+0.7% are previewed 403,8 million) of which 105,3 million tons in the section of arranged transport (+4.3%), in 2019 414,1 million tons of railway traffic (+2.6%) of which 111,3 million tons of arranged traffic (+5.7%) and in 2020 421,0 million tons of railway traffic (+1.7%) of which 116,4 million tons of arranged traffic (+4.6%).

Last year the transports on the internal water ways are piled to 222,7 million tons, with an increase of +0.6% on 2016, and an analogous increment is attended in 2018 with the 224,0 million one tons, while in 2019 an increase of +1.5% with 227,4 million tons and in 2020 of +0.2% with 227,9 million tons is previewed.

In the 2017 cargo transports by means of conduct they have totaled 90,9 million tons (- 1.4%) and in 2018, 2019 and 2020 pairs to 91,6 million tons (+0.7% are previewed volumes of transports), 92,3 million tons (+0.8%) and 92,8 million tons (+0.5%).

As for the aerial transport, in the 2017 the goods pairs to 4,8 million tons (+6.6% transported have been) and those previewed in 2018, 2019 and 2020 turn out pairs respective to 5,1 million tons (+4.5%), 5,2 million tons (+2.8%) and 5,3 million tons (+2.5%).

In the 2017 all the operating modalities of transport on the German territory, with the exception of the transport by means of conduct, have marked increments of the transported volumes and last year also the marine transport with Germany has recorded a rise of +1.0% having enlivened 294,9 million tons of goods regarding 292,0 million tons in 2016. This year is previewed a total of 291,6 million tons, with a bending of the -1,1% on 2017. In last part of 2018 therefore a recovery of the traffic for marine way is attended since in the first five months of this year - the association of German ports ZDS has announced - tons in the German ports are enlivened 123,4 million, with a contraction of the -2,4% on the same period of 2017, and the previsional study of the Ministry indicates that such reduction will be attenuated in the second part of 2018. The study previews moreover that in the 2019 marine transports they will return to grow of +0.8% with a total of 294,0 million tons and the increase, even if more contained (+0.6%), will continue also the next year when second the esteem are enlivened 295,7 million tons.

Relatively to the transport of passengers on the German territory, in the 2017 total it has been of 72,88 billion people, with an increase of +1.1% on the year precedence. In the 2018 passengers (+0.8% are previewed 73,45 billion), in 2019 74,29 billion (+1.1%) and in 2020 74,85 billion (+0.8%). In the 2017 private transports they have totaled 60,16 billion passengers (+1.1%), in 2018 by it are attended 60,59 billion (+0.7%), in 2019 61,31 billion (+1.2%) and in 2020 61,79 billion (+0.8%). Last year the commercial services of transport on the German roads have transported 9,66 billion passengers (+0.9%), in 2018 by it are previewed 9,73 billion (+0.8%), in 2019 9,79 billion (+0.6%) and the next year 9,82 billion (+0.4%). In the 2017 railway services they have transported 2,85 billion passengers (+2.1%) and the volume of traffic previewed in 2018, 2019 and 2020 is of 2,91 billion (+2.0%), 2,96 billion (+1.8%) and 3,00 billion passengers (+1.5%). At last last year the aerial transport has totaled 213 million passengers (+5.8%) and in 2018, 2019 and 2020 221 million (+4.0%), 228 million (+3.0% are previewed) and 234 million passengers (+2.7%).

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