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October 17, 2018

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The International Chamber of public Shipping a study on the potential effects of independent navigation on the occupation of marine

To reduce the impact negative there will be an increase of the "crews" to earth

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has commissioned to Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) a study on the potential effects of independent navigation on the role of the marine ones and the entire industry of the shipping, a search whose declared scope was that to less separate the facts from suppositions more or founded. If the study, as however it could not be otherwise being based on facts and not on hypothesis, does not clarify if not to great lines which it could be the impact on the marine ones of the application of the new destined technologies to being used in order to control from remote ships without crew, from part its general secretary of the ICS rather than to see a glass empty means it seems to state that it is full means: "it is encouraging - Guy Platten has said commenting the results of the analysis - than the study indicates that in next the two decades not there will be deficiency of places of work for the marine ones, in particular for the officials. If the dimensions of the crews - it has specified Platten - could be evolven in response to the technological changes that will happen on board of the ships, they could be to us also meaningful additional opportunities of job to earth that demand navigation experience".

The study evidences however the perplexities that the unions have manifested relatively to the opportunities that the technologies for independent navigation will offer the marine ones. In particular, the document remembers the appraisal much negative of independent navigation expressed from the International Transport Federation (ITF) and from the International Federation of Shimasters' Associations (IFSMA), position - specific the study - that demonstrates the combative approach that the unions could have regarding independent navigation.

The document at the beginning makes reference also to a carried out investigation of this year from "Nautilus Telegraph", the publication of the trade union of the field of marine transport Nautilus International, second which 80% of the marine ones have expressed own worry for the possible loss of places of work with the advent of the automation, even if about two third party of the interviewed ones they have granted that the new technologies can mainly improve safety and the conditions of job reducing workloads.

The study evidences that however the passage to independent navigation will happen in very gradual way in a period that could last ten-year-old, with the crews that could be reduced but with little ships that will be completely independent within next the ten years. To ask for the loss of places of work, second the study, will contribute the total increase of the world-wide fleet that will do so as that at least the number of the officials will remain stable, but a contribution will come also from the increase of the number of "crews" to earth used after functions of support that is destined to grow and also in meaningful way.

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