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24 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:02 GMT+1

October 17, 2018

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Confetra exhorts the government to launch a "Bassanini law of the transports and the goods"

Necessary - Marcucci has explained - an only provision in order to free the potentialities of the Italian logistic industry from a forest of bureaucratic encumbrances and groundings

Collapse of the highway viaduct Morandi Bridge happened to Genoa to half August has dramatically carried to the attention the issue of Italian infrastructures, topic that has been to the center of the conference anniversary of the Confetra, the Italian general confederation of the transports and the logistics, than has held today to Rome and in the course of which the president of the confederation, Nereo Marcucci has exhorted the government to estimate the strategicità of the infrastructural works for the economy of the Country: "the infrastructural participations - it has emphasized - do not go divided between great works and small works based on the dimensions. We prefer to speak about useful works and useless works based on their strategicità for the field of the logistics".

A callback to the analysis of strategic material infrastructures that but - has clarified Marcucci - it does not have to darken "and equally sometimes today assumed pre-eminent the important role from immaterial infrastructures, the incentives and the rules that - as ferrobonus, marebonus and the reduction in price tolls - they have invert the antienvironmental trend of "tuttostrada", let alone from the necessary corollary of the bureaucratic, normative, documentary simplifications".

Referring to the material works, Marcucci has exhorted the government to make clarity: "we consider is right for our part - it has asserted - to ask which are the infrastructures that are considered redundant regarding the necessities of the Country and which provisions do not agree to reprogram or to complete". To such purpose the president of the Confetra has evidenced the requirement "to continue in the material and immaterial infrastructural investments": "for a Country transformer as Italy - it has observed - is not an option between others but are the condition because the future of the Country is sustainable social, economically and ambientalmente".

The invitation is received by the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Danilo Toninelli, than to closing of the conference it has confirmed the will of the ministry by him guided to estimate the works not based on "political or personal prejudices", but on the base of the results of a careful analysis cost-benefits. Answering to the demand for the Confetra to allocate an important quota to infrastructures, remembered Toninelli that Law budgetary 2019 as soon as approved of from the Council of Ministers it assigns between the 0,2 and 0.4% of the resources to the infrastructural investments.

In its participation the president of the Association of the Italian Ports (Assoporti), Zeno D' Augustin, has asserted the necessity to open the Italian market of infrastructures to the private investor, emphasizing that however specific norms lack that afford to clarify as these investments can be put into effect.

Moving the attention from the national context to that international one, the president of the Confetra has found that of forehead problematic as that of the Brexit or the American custom offices and to perspectives as that of the New Via of the Silk "we would need an Europe more hard and coesa, able - Marcucci has explained - to contract to our favor", with particular reference - he has specified - to the "modalities of integration and uses of the numerous logistic and trasportistiche platforms that the Chineses are realizing in Europe and Africa and would sure need - he has added - of a Italy connected to own inside, towards Europe and with great infrastructures BRI".

Marcucci has evidenced that Italy "cannot remain indifferent to these macrodynamics, to greater reason if is considered that it inherits from last the serious one and been extended crisis a modified productive-economic structure, with the alteration of the relative weight on the GDP of the internal question and the import/export".

In occasion of the conference/greenbone of the Confetra, Marcucci has launch also the proposal to launch a "Bassanini law" for the field of the transports and the logistics, an only provision that - it has remembered - "Fedespedi calls Services 4,0 and that "it align all relative the prescribed simplifications to the transport and control of the goods; it redefines with clarity the role of the Authority of Regulation of the Transports and the AGCOM; you in concrete terms start the customs only door and of the controls firing the regulations of the SUDOCO (Only Door of Customs and the Controls), that the rationalization of times and costs of the phytosanitary and sanitary controls allows firstly; the diffuse and dispersed system of for transport exceptional authorizations reunifies; it returns the resource to credited external private competences possible, with the obvious exception of Customs, when the deficiency of staff of the public administrations prevents the efficient activity of control on the goods; it make the point on the nature - captive bolt towards the Authorities of Harbour System or market - of National the Logistic Platform". "In short - he has concluded Marcucci - "Bassanini of the transports and the goods" in order to free the potentialities of the Italian logistic industry from a forest of bureaucratic encumbrances and groundings".

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