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26 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:52 GMT+1

October 19, 2018

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The next year in the Italian ports record of 11,85 million passengers is attended a crocieristico traffic

Today to Trieste the first day of the Italian Cruise Day, event that the next year will hold to Cagliari

In the 2019 Italian ports they will record the new historical record of crocieristico traffic with 11,85 million passengers enlivened and an increase of +6.8% on the already positive esteem of closing 2018. It previews Answers Tourism, advising society that has introduced today to Trieste these contained projections inside of the new edition of own relationship of search Italian Cruise Watch in occasion of the inaugural day of the eighth edition of Italian Cruise Day, forum for the crocieristico section in Italy managed from the same company.

Illustrating the Francesco relationship di Cesar, president of Answers Turismo, has specified that in the 2019 port of Civitavecchia he will be more and more leader of the national crocieristica with 2,56 million passengers enlivened (+4.5% on the esteem of closing 2018). Alle its shoulders will confirm Venice with 1,49 million enlivened passengers (+1.4%), a forecast - specific the relationship - that it will be able but to differ from the consuntivo in reason of the modalities of application of the algorithm of regulation of the traffic included in the new decree of the Harbour office, whose effects are still from comprising in their entirety. Al third place will place Genoa that, in case the forecasts were confirmed (+32%), could above all reach own absolute record of enlivened crocieristi graces to the fort increment of the MSC presence Cruises, which the return of Costa Crociere with the Costa Fortuna ship will join. To the feet of the Naples podium, by virtue of 1,23 million enlivened passengers attended (+12.6%), in increase as home port, and Savona, where important work of improvement of infrastructures is on, to the fifth place with 885 thousand fleeting (- 1.3%).

"After many years of attended - it has emphasized Francesco di Cesar - the new goal to which looking for competent government and ministries, public administrations, companies of cruise is moved on 12 million the passengers enlivened in the Italian ports, carries and other operators, in making programs, deciding investments, to set up strategies. A new level of traffic that would have to ulteriorly grow in the long mean term, being to the opinions and indications of the managers and responsibles of the traffic of beyond 40 crocieristici ports of call so as of the mainly active companies on the national territory".

In the ranking of the crocieristico traffic for region, the next year the Liguria will be to the first place in the specific one classifies and will exceed the threshold of three the million whereby was confirmed the relative forecasts to the three main crocieristici ports of call, Genoa, Savona and La Spezia (for this last 700 thousand fleeting enlivened, +48.9%), than they are placed between the first seven ports of Italy.

Regarding it classifies it of touched the ship, second the forecasts of Answers Tourism 2019 will see confirmed the first three place estimated to end 2018, with Civitavecchia to guide this classifies (827 touched, +7%) in front of Venice (530, +7%) and Naples (445, +17%). Between the other ports of call they detach the traffic variations attended to Catania and La Spezia, that they will record in the 2019 numbers in decided increase regarding the already positive performances of the current season.

From the report of search of Answers Tourism it emerges moreover as 84% of the ports do not have the intention of modify in the 2019 rates of approach for the currently applied cruise ships, and as the weight of the crocieristico traffic on the fleeting total of the traffic by sea continues to grow (47% the average previewed for 2018 against 44% of 2017).

In occasion of the inaugural day of the Italian Cruise Day while it is announced that it will be Cagliari to accommodate, the next autumn, the ninth appointment of the forum Italian anniversary of the crocieristico section. The Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia has evidenced as the choice of the center of Cagliari confirms the attention of the industry of the giants of the sea for the island and the system of its ports that, for the year in course, a movement of crocieristi pairs to means million passengers will generate, exceeding the 220 landings place of ships.

Moreover the AdSP has rimarcato that, according to the Cruise Watch, the Cagliari port, with its about 400 thousand fleeting previewed on 31 December next, is the port of call that marks the consisting increase more, with more a 70% on the number of the passengers in ten years and a position in the top ten of the Italian ports. It follows, in Sardinia, Olbia, that it records signs of increase of +4%, attesting itself on 120 thousand crocieristi in 2018. It will be, but, 2019 to reserve put up satisfactions, with a real boom for the field and fallen back remarkable also on the Sardinia that sees a substantial one held of Cagliari and Olbia and an increase also for Golfo Aranci and Oristano, both addressed to the segment of the luxury. But the true surprise, for the next year, will be that of Porto Torres, considered from the Italian Cruise Watch between the ports that will record the consisting percentages of increment more. According to the study, in fact, "the full infrastructural operativity, the completion of the participations of dredging of the basin of the port and the work of the detached mole feed the forecasts of increase of Porto Torres, which supported from 28 ports of call already previewed, that they could let in the Sardinian port of call between the first 20 of Italy after some difficult seasons".

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