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October 25, 2018

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Started the contest for the management of the traffic fleeting in the port of and for the realization of the new Marine Station

The offers will have to be introduced within next 14 January

The Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Oriental has given the go-ahead to the procedure of contest for the realization of the new Marine Station in the port of and for the confidence in concession, by means of project financing, of the servicing to the passengers, announced publicly contest as a result of the green light last june by the Committee of management of the agency to the proposal of project financing introduced from the crocieristiche companies Royal Caribbean Cruises and MSC Cruises to which Costa Crociere is itself addition afterwards(on 19 June 2018). Besides the expectable confirmation of the engagement proposed from the three crocieristiche companies, eventual interested others to the management of the services to the passengers in the port break will have to introduce their offers within prossimo14 January.

AdSP has remembered that the crocieristici services will be carried out by the highest bidder of the contest at first on the Garibaldi Pier the west and in the Terminal II of Largo Fiorillo, so as already happens today, and that afterwards, once realized the new Pier Cruises on the Paita Descent by the harbour agency, besides being able to count on the two ulterior ones it approaches available on the new pier that - second the forecasts - will be ready within the half of 2022, will be realized by the highest bidder of the contest a new Marine Station that the cronoprogramma it previews will become operating at the end of 2023. The authority has remembered moreover that the proposal comprises also the realization of an annexed polifunzionale building to the new terminal and of a great covered public square between the two buildings.

The previewed infrastructural investments in the proposal, that they regard the realization of the new terminal cruises and the building of multifunctional service, pile to 35,16 million euros, authorized investments in recent days from the AdSP and at the expense of Royal Caribbean, MSC and Coast in case highest bidders of the contract or another exited concessionaire it win from the contest.

In the request introduced from Royal Caribbean and MSC to which it is associated Coast the duration of the concession is previewed a turnover of 415 million euros for all, that 37-year-old will be able to arrive to a maximum.

Disciplining of contest, besides to preview that the highest bidder will have to arrange of the resources financial institutions necessary in order to realize the works and the services object of the procedure of contest not being previewed some public contribution, regards also the port naval of Carrara. The AdSP reserve in fact the possibility to negotiate with the highest bidder the confidence in concession of part of the Taliercio dock to the aim to realize an analogous service to you turned to the crocieristi. For having in concession also the dock of Carrara, the winner of the contest will have to at their own expense realize a temporary terminal on the Taliercio from the dimensions of about 400 square metres, for a not inferior investment to 250.000 euros, besides to per year guarantee a not inferior traffic fleeting to 70.000 people.

The AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental has specified that for the port of the eventual proposal of development of the traffic is previewed also ferries for the greater islands, connections previously realized from from Liguria port and not more assets from some years.

Disciplining, besides to preview to the current absorption of organic the already operating one to the dependencies of the today's terminalista, previews also a proportionally increasing score for the candidate who will guarantee the assumption of a greater number of staff within the first four years.

President of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Orientale, Carla Roncallo, has manifested satisfaction for the start of the contest because - it has specified - "this is the first experiment of project financing inside an Italian port".

Taking part today to the presentation of the contest ban, the president of the Liguria Region, Toti Young people, has emphasized that "the contest that is opened today is yields of the courage, the farsightedness and the creativity of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Oriental whom a formula has found innovative and interesting in order to realize a work that cannot more being sent back and that it will be one of the nevralgici points of new waterfront the city one. The from Liguria harbour system, in the increase of these years - it has added Toti - is answering in more and more organic way to the challenges placed from the market. The section of the cruises is one of the factors pulling ahead for all from Liguria tourism: in the province of, in particular, it is carrying fallen back important from the economic and occupational point of view. The structure that will be realized thanks to this ban will mark a quality jump for all the territory. A marine station is an important business card for a city as this: the attraction reasons do not lack, but to construct and to organize an acceptance to the height of the world-wide reputation of this territory will contribute to return the stay in the Gulf of the Poets still more unforgettable".

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