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October 26, 2018

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In the third trimester the economic performances of the Cargotec group are improved considerably

The period has been archived item with a profit clearly of 37,9 million euros (+17%)

After a series at least eight consecutive trimesters in which the Finnish means producer of raising and Cargotec handling it has obtained turned out economic that they can be considered not totally satisfactory, in the third trimester of this year the group has recorded a decided rise of the performances financial institutions let alone - as in the quarterly period precedence - an sensitive increase of the acquired orders.

In the period July-september of the 2018 Finnish group has totaled a turnover of 805 million euros, with an increment of +9% on the correspondent period last year, of which 415 million euros (+12%) generated from the activities of the Kalmar brand, assets in the field of the cranes and means of handling for the terminalistico and harbour field, 260 million euros (+3%) produced from the Hiab brand, than take care of means of handling for the terrestrial transport and the industry, and 130 million euros (+14%) generated from the MacGregor brand, that it is active inthe segment of means and the equipments for the naval and offshore field. The operating profit is piled to 54,5 million euros (+4%), with contributions by Kalmar pairs to 38,6 million euros (+36%), of Hiab pairs to 23,9 million euros (- 29%) and of MacGregor pairs to 0,2 million euros (- 94%). The operating profit of group to clearly of the restructure costs, that they among other things include the effect of the reorganization, reduction of value and cession of activity, has turned out pairs to 57,1 million euros, analogous value to that of the third trimester last year. The Cargotec group has closed the period with a profit clearly of 37,9 million euros, in increase of +17%.

As for the new orders obtained in the third trimester of this year, the value total is piled to 921 million euros (+23%), of which 486 million coming from Kalmar (+38%), 294 million from Hiab (+13%) and 141 million from MacGregor (+2%). The value of the orderbook on 30 September has been attested to 1,89 billion euros, with a rise of +20% on on September 30, 2017, pocketbook that turns out subdivided in 1,00 billion for Kalmar (+28%), 371 million for Hiab (+24%) and 513 million for MacGregor (+7%).

In the first nine months of this year the new orders confiscated from the group have been pairs to 2,77 billion euros, with an increase of +15% on the period January-september of 2017, of which 1,47 billion for Kalmar (+24%), 902 million for Hiab (+9%) and 396 million for MacGregor (0%).

In the first nine months of the 2018 turnover of the group it has grown of +1% to 2,39 billion euros, of which 1,17 billion produced from Kalmar (+4%), 831 million from Hiab (+3%) and 389 million from MacGregor (- 9%). The operating profit of group has turned out of 129,1 million euros (- 23%), with Kalmar that has recorded a result of 91,0 million euros (+5%), Hiab of 99,4 million euros (- 15%) and with MacGregor that an operating profit of 3,1 million euros has totaled respect to a result of sign negative and pairs to -0,1 million euros in the first nine months of 2017. Cargotec clearly has archived item the period January-september of this year with a profit of 73,9 million euros (- 30%).

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