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November 8, 2018

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The From Liguria AdSP Oriental has begun to introduce the Document of Strategic Planning of System to all the interested parts

Of Sarcina: we think that indeed it can be set up a document how much more possible shared and adherent one to the expectations

The Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Oriental has begun to introduce to all the parts interested to the activity of the ports of La Spezia and naval of Carrara the new Document of Strategic Planning of System (DPSS), that it is the document that with the Harbour Town development plans of every port administered from a AdSP composes the Town development plan of Harbour System, that is the instrument of planning of the system of the ricompresi ports in territorial administrative divisions of the Authorities of Harbour System that is introduced with I decree legislative n. 232 on December 13, 2017 "4 integrating and corrective Dispositions to I decree legislative August 2016, n. 169, concerning the Harbour Authorities".

Yesterday, in the center spezzina of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental, the president of the agency, Carla Roncallo, and the general secretary Francesco Di Sarcina has held the first two of the launches meets with the main ones stakeholder of the territory of and naval of Carrara that has been organized in order to illustrate the contents of the DPSS. The document is elaborated by the offices from the Authority of Harbour System in coherence with the General Plan of the Transports and Logistics (PGTL) and with the European guidelines in portualità matter, infrastructural logistics and nets let alone with National the Strategic Plan of the Portualità and the Logistics.

In the day yesterday the DPSS is illustrated to the associations enviromentalists, to trade associations of the two territories, to the Chambers of Commerce, the representatives of terminalisti, navy, pilots, ormeggiatori, marine agencies and shippers of Spezia and naval of Carrara. In the next few days the provinces and the Regions will be involved the public administrations of both, as well as other institutional subjects and associations.

"We have started the first encounters - Carla Roncallo has explained - recording a great participation of all the consulted subjects that they are many, seen the meaning that it covers the DPSS for the territory in which the harbour community and that city one cohabit. The contributions of those who they will want to supply own vision and to make to reach own suggestions, will come carefully sifted, for being held in debit account for how many condivisibili".

"We think - it has added the general secretary Of Sarcina - than indeed can be set up a shared more possible document how much and adherent one to the expectations, also sometimes very various between they, of the various involved subjects".

Specifying that the completion of the editing of the Document of Strategic Planning of System and its presentation to the Committee of management of the AdSP are previewed within year-end, the harbour authority has remembered that the DPSS covers the important function to define the objectives and the strategies of development, besides the systemic contents of planning of the Authorities of Harbour System; to characterize the interaction areas port-city and the infrastructural connections of last mile of road and railway type with the single ports of the system and it is in synthesis face to assure a clear and univocal identification of addresses, objectives and strategies for the editing of the single town development plans. Characterized how much in the strategic Document will come in fact developed from the Town development plan Portuale (PRP) that it will analytically characterize the characteristics of detail of every single work.


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