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November 13, 2018

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Agreement Friuli Venice Julia - Venetian in order to invest in the formation in the field of the harbour logistics

Rosolen: we have known to put in net a common know-how-how asking for the risk to put to us in competition

The Regions Friuli Venice Julia and Veneto have undersigned today to Venice an agreement in order to invest in the formation with the scope to create new figures of excellence in field of the harbour logistics, in order to strengthen the axis of Alto Adriatico increasing the competitiveness to European level of a homogenous territory and for giving concrete answers to the question of the enterprise and labor market. The objective is to develop new competences to high specialization in order to return the axis between Friuli Venice Julia and Veneto on a national level a point of reference for the section.

The start of the understanding constitutes the stage of departure in order to that is integrate the formative offer of the technical institutes of third level (for specialistic figures post-diploma) for the portualità and the nautical one, with the objective to guarantee to system the integrated of logistic sea-iron-rubber of Alto Adriatico professional figures in a position to guiding and accompanying the development of sustainable mobility in the harbour system and airport Venice-Trieste.

The understanding is signed by the regional city council member to Formation and job of the Friuli Venice Julia, Alessia Rosolen, and from the Venetian colleague Elena Donazzan for being shared from the summits of the ITS Marco Polo of Venice and the nautical Academy of Trieste, this last one represented from president Stefano Beduschi and the director Bruno Zvech. "It is pride reason - the Rosolen city council member has declared - than Friuli Venice Julia and Veneto collaborates in order to create a competitive, able system to offer occupational opportunities to many young people. We have known to put in net a common know-how-how, asking for the risk to put to us in competition. The ability to make system, too much often which sacrificed on the altar of the small homelands, is simply fundamental if we want to jump towards a modern dimension of the job".

"The beginning of this distance - it has continued Rosolen - strengthens our position of model of reference in national within and allows with the system Country to propose itself, with authority and credibility, as irrenounceable hinge in the relationships between Italy and the Balkans, natural interlocutors also for how much it concerns to the nautical policies. Draft of first, fundamental step on the logistic formation in order to become hegemonic on a national level on the topic, confirming the numbers of placement. The objective is to widen the offer of system ITS to all the enterprises and the entire field of the cooperation. To develop the marine-harbour cluster in a multi region logic means to look with knowledge and farsightedness to the next years. Trieste and Venice are the doors of Europe, it is for the people is for the goods, and must capitalize this extraordinary opportunity. Logistic enterprises and systems - it has concluded Rosolen - need staff highly characterized in order to answer to the increasing ask of mobility and must be able to intercept and, in some circumstances, to anticipate logical of supply and demand of the market".

"Venetian and Friuli Venice Julia - the city council member Elena Donazzan has remembered - collaborates already for a long time in the formation and, in particular in the offer of professionalizing distances of high ITS-Academy formation. Objective of the understanding start is to develop the marine-harbour cluster in a multi region logic. Venice and Trieste are the doors of Europe are for the people who for the goods. Logistic enterprises and systems need staff highly characterized in order to answer to the increasing ask of mobility, implemented also from the development of the e-commerce. The collaboration and the mutual replenishment in the formation of technical figures highly characterized between ITS Marco Polo and Academy of Trieste are the pre-requisitioned one in order to increase the range of the two formative poles and in order to support the potenziamento and I throw again of the competitiveness of the harbour system of Alto Adriatico".

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