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27 May 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:32 GMT+2

November 15, 2018

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In the third trimester the traffic in the port of Bremen has grown of +4.7% containerized graces to a +10.1% of the goods

In the period January-september of the 2018 total has been of 55,3 million tons of cargos (+1.5%)

The port of Bremen \ Bremerhaven last year has archived item the first nine months of 2018 with an light increment of +1.5% of the traffic of the goods regarding the same period that it is generated by the increase of recorded +4.7% in the third trimester culminated in marked +13.7% in the single month of september, ascribable increment entirely to intensifying itself of the activity in the segment of the container that has closed the first nine months of this year with a rise of +6.8% and marking a 10.1% in the solo third trimester and a +17.1% in the single month of september.

Altogether in the period January-september of the 2018 traffic is piled to 55,3 million tons regarding 54,5 million tons in the correspondent period last year, of which 27,1 million tons of cargos to disembarkation (- 1.2%) and 28,2 million tons of cargos to boarding (+4.1%). In the segment of the goods several the total has been of 49,2 million tons (+5.2%), of which 42,6 million containerized tons of goods (+6.8%) pairs to 4,1 million tons (+1.9% realized with a handling of container) and 6,5 million tons of goods conventional (- 4.3%), of which 3,4 million tons of rotabili (- 4.0%), 2,0 million tons of iron worker (+13.5%), 398 thousand tons of producing forest (- 4.1%) and 794 thousand tons of other cargos (- 31.6%). The traffic of the new cars of factory has been pairs than more 1,6 million vehicles, with a bending of the -3,3% regarding the first nine months of the 2017 (year in which the German port it has established the historical record with 5,5 million cars). The liquid bulk is diminished of the -38,7% coming down to 782 thousand tons and consisting it has been also the decrease (- 17.5%) of the bulk sand banks that have been attested 5,3 million to tons, of which 3,2 million tons of minerals (- 13.5%), 554 thousand tons of coal and coke (- 33.8%), 370 thousand tons of cereals and food (- 9.8%) and 2,0 million tons of other solid bulk (- 28.7%).

In the solo third trimester of this year the total traffic has been of 18,8 million tons, in increase of +4.7% on the same period of 2017, of which 9,2 million tons of goods to disembarkation (+7.4%) and 9,5 million tons to boarding (+2.2%). Totally the several goods tons (+6.2% have been 16,4 million), of which 14,2 million tons of goods in container (+10.1%) with a handling of containers pairs 1,4 million teu (+4.3%) and beyond almost 2,2 million tons of goods conventional (- 13.1%), of which 1,0 million tons of rotabili (+3.0%), 712 thousand tons of iron worker (- 2.7%), 139 thousand tons of producing forest (to +3.0%) and 354 thousand tons of other goods (- 36.1%). Handling of new cars has been of 530 thousand unit (- 7.0%). The liquid bulk is dropped of the -4,5% to 385 thousand tons and those solid ones have recorded a decrease of -4,8% to the 2,0 million one tons, with 1,0 million tons of minerals (+1.2%), 230 thousand tons of carbons (- 22.3%), 169 thousand tons of cereals and foods (+1.2%) and 958 thousand tons of other cargos (- 22.3%).

The senator to the Economy, job and ports of the Land of Bremen, Martin Günthner, has commented these results achieved from the port having evidenced as "the figures show that not there is reason of alarmism for the ports of Bremen, in spite of an uncertain international economic situation". Günthner has emphasized moreover as, with the decisions on the assumed investments this year and with the approval of investments for beyond 40 million euros in the harbour infrastructure of Bremerhaven last week, the Senate also it has demonstrated that the ulterior development of the ports is one of the priorities of economic politics.


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