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November 19, 2018

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Eurokai, new quarterly decrease of the traffic of the container with a -0,3% in Germany, -4,8% in Italy and -4,5% in the other terminals

In the period July-september in the Italian ports they are enlivened 1,1 million teu

In the third trimester of this year the harbour terminals that take part of the Network of the Eurokai German have recorded a bending of the -3,3% of the containerized trade who is piled almost 3,6 million teu regarding 3,7 million in the period July-september of 2017, with a traffic enlivened from the German terminals of the group that has remained almost stable while it is diminished of the -4,8% that enlivened from the Italian terminals and is dropped of the -4,5% traffic enlivened from the other terminals foreign countries that are under responsibility to Eurokai.

In Germany the total has been of 2,0 million teu (- 0.3%), of which 1,4 million teu enlivened in the port of Bremerhaven (- 1.8%), 460 thousand teu in the port of Amburgo (+4.7%) and 155 thousand teu in the port of Wilhelmshaven (- 0.4%).

In Italy, where the group work through Contship Italy of which it stops 66.6% of the capital (33.4% is of the Eurogate German), the total data has been of 1,1 million teu, with a contraction of the -4,8% that it is determined by the reduction of the -1,4% of the traffic enlivened to the Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT) of the port of Gioia Tauro that has been pairs to 576 thousand teu, from the -1,1% recorded from La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) in the port of La Spezia where the traffic has been of 352 thousand teu and from more consisting decrease (- 46.2%) of the traffic enlivened from the Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) in the port of Cagliari that has been pairs to 54 thousand teu, reduction that has been partially balanced from the increment of +5.2% of the traffic totaled from the Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR) in the port of Ravenna that have been attested to 44 thousand teu and from +1.7% marked in the port of Salerno from Salerno Container Terminal (SCT) that it has enlivened 75 thousand teu.

Of enlivened remaining 669 thousand teu in the third trimester of 2018 from the terminals of the German group, 325 thousand teu are enlivened in the Moroccan port of Tanger Med (- 11.9%), 98 thousand teu in the Cypriot port of Limassol (+7.7%), 32 thousand teu in the portuguese port of Lisbon (- 40.5%) and 18 thousand teu in the Russian port of Ust-Luga (- 13.8%).

In the first nine months of this year the enlivened total containerized trade from the terminals of the German group has been attested 10,5 million teu, with a contraction of the -3,7% on the same period of 2017, of which less than 5,8 million teu enlivened in Germany (- 2.3%), 3,3 million teu in Italy (- 7.6%) and 1,5 million teu in the other terminals foreign countries (- 0.2%).

In the period January-september of the 2018 traffic to Bremerhaven has been of 4,1 million teu (- 1.6%), to Amburgo of 1,2 million teu (- 9.4%) and to Wilhelmshaven of 447 thousand teu (+15.2%). In Italy the traffic to Gioia Tauro has been of 1,7 million teu (- 5.9%), to La Spezia of 1,0 million teu (+0.5%), to Salerno of 249 thousand teu (+7.9%), to Cagliari of 164 thousand teu (- 53.1%) and to Ravenna of 138 thousand teu (+0.3%). Relatively to the other terminals foreign countries, the traffic in the port of Tanger Med has been of 1,0 million teu (- 0.7%), to Limassol of 294 thousand teu (+14.6%), to Lisbon of 118 thousand teu (- 22.6%) and to Ust-Luga of 57 thousand teu (+0.9%).

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