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November 21, 2018

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Spediporto, the port of Genoa risks to lose quotas consisting of exceptional cargo traffic

Suspended for transport exceptional authorizations over the 75 tons on the A26 in order to carry out the controls on the viaducts

The association of the genoese shippers has launch a new alarm that follows the alerts for the impact of the negative consequences for the activity of the port of Genoa determined from the effects of collapse of the highway viaduct Morandi happened to halves August that give Spediporto then have repeatedly diffused. Today the association has marked another "new cold shower for operators represented from Spediporto": "it is of some day makes - it has explained the association - the discovered bitter that the authorizations are suspended by and for for transport exceptional port of Genoa over the 75 tons of cargo. A consequence, the suspension of the authorization - it has specified Spediporto - due to the necessary start of controls on the numerous present viaducts along the A26, in fact the single freeway used from exceptional cargos from and for the port of Genoa".

"What he worries us more - has specified the general manager of the association, Giampaolo Botta - is the fact that the suspension has happened without prior notice: many operators already had in hand the authorizations to the transport, but their cargos are blocked, and today idea of the times is not had with which the authorizations will be reactivated. Until that moment this service will not be possible to guarantee to many important customers a lot appreciated and high-quality offered from the port of Genoa. Other issue - it has added Blow - regards the real state of conservation of our viaducts and control".

The president of Spediporto, Alessandro Pitto, has evidenced that the slice of marine transport that the port of Genoa risks to lose is constituted by the traffic tramp (rented ships entirely in order to embark an entire system), from the traffic of varied line of goods (lines that scale Genoa regularly that in the long term closes contracts in order to outside embark a system in more shipments) and the containerized traffic of line ("even if they are not very favorable - it has specified Pitto - is a trend by now consolidated that to embark system parts of outside shape on ships carries containers placing the goods on or more containers shape". "Without to consider - it has added - of the fact that the rule wants that together with the exceptional transport there are then numerous containers that accompany every system or exceptional shipment, the risk is to lose all, is ones that the others".

This - it has emphasized Blow - "is ulterior an important sign of the necessity that Italy takes part with urgency to update own infrastructures so as it happens with iron punctuality and programming all over the world. In these days as Spediporto - it has found the general manager of the association - together with the presidents of all the Authorities of System, we are visiting to Singapore the infrastructures and are dawned here continuously, shortly the same port of Singapore, one you draw more modern to the world, will come ulteriorly dawned to the aim to support the next development plan to 2040 with objective beyond the 50 million one containers. We must look to the east in order to understand where the world is going and cannot stuffed to find with inadequate infrastructures".

"Genoa - they have concluded the representatives of Spediporto - must be one of the protagonist of the logistic development of our Country and it cannot renounce to a its dimension of capital of the shipping, but we must equip it of all necessary infrastructures: new bridge, streams, third pass and an adapted railway system".

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