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November 22, 2018

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The authorities contrary calabrians to the scorporo of the ports of Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni from the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro

Announced the assumption of all the initiatives useful in order to guarantee integrity of the calabrian harbour system

The president of the Region Calabria, Mario Oliverio, the mayor of Reggio Calabria, Giuseppe Falcomatà, and the mayor of Villa San Giovanni, Giovanni Siclari, has sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the ministers, to the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, to the presidents of Chamber and Senate and to all the parliamentarians calabrians in order to protest against the hypothesis to modify the jurisdiction of the Authority of Harbour System of Mari Tirreno Meridionale, Jonio and of the Strait, characterized with the reform of the harbour norm of 2016, removing them from the capacity of its administration and management, that he comprises the harbour ports of call of Gioia Tauro, Crotone, Corigliano Calabro, Taureana of Palmi, Milazzo, Tremestieri and Vibo Valentia, the ports calabrians of Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni, as well as the Sicilian port of Messina, three ports of call would be included in the jurisdiction of a AdSP new.

"We have come to acquaintance - Mario Oliverio, Giuseppe Falcomatà and Giovanni Siclari have written - that an amendment to the fiscal bill 886 is introduced to the Senate from the reporter, than modification the current order of the Authority of System of Gioia Tauro second which he would come to being instituted a new Authority of Harbour System that would include also the ports of scorporandoli Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni from the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro. The Calabria Region, the Metropolitan City and the Municipalities of Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni - they have explained the represented ones of the three institutions calabre - do not share this hypothesis for obvious reasons, as it has been had a chance for signal when they have come outside the first indiscretions of prints and as it has been had a chance for directly evidence the Mr. minister of the Toninelli Infrastructures in the recent encounter on 8 November with the president of the regional committee".

Oliverio, Falcomatà and Siclari have specified that their contrarietà to this hypothesis is due to "operating territorial reasons: management of investments and operations in ports crucial of Calabria, as Reggio and Villa - they have clarified - would not be conformed to the coming standards from a single Authority of System, for which any investor and/or operator it would be found to having different procedures, praxis, etc. the topic - they have emphasized - are particularly serious because it goes many times over in opposite direction regarding the process of simplification in the Country from all demanded. The separation of the ports of Villa and Reggio would clearly introduce and an obvious distance of complication going against obvious the best practice from all recalled. It would be still more serious when it is being proceeded to conform all the procedures in an only homogenous door for all the regional territory".

Moreover Oliverio, Falcomatà and Siclari have adduced "reasons of managerial continuity and strategic programming: the management of the port of Villa - they have specified - would come to being abruptly interrupted after years of full integration in the system of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro and the Calabria; integration that has carried to the development of a project of which co-financed computerized control from the EU commission. The computerized control cannot that to be co-ordinate with Gioia Tauro having so the possibility to reorganize the pauses of the heavy vehicles and, in second phase, of the light ones, in virtual tails, if of the long case the freeway, lightening the cargo of congestion in the city of Villa. The coordination with Gioia Tauro - they have moreover explained - affords to face in completed way the issue of the offshoring of the landings place, being reorganized the currently insistent traffic goods in the perimeters of the ports of Reggio and Villa in a new site as for a long time attended from the citizens, reorganizing the current landings place with the characterizing destinations agreed between Region, metropolitan City and Municipalities and in tightened synergy with the other ports of the Calabria. The port of Villa can assume the functions that allow the improvement of the quality of the life and the well-being of the citizens".

The governor of the Calabria and the two mayors also has found that sussistono "reasons of economic and social integration of the European port (Comprehensive) of Reggio Calabria with the other ports previewed from the regional Plan in the within of the municipality of Reggio Calabria, which to associate co-ordinate functions. In the total picture of the ports of the Calabria - they have observed - Reggio can and must relatively have a central role to widely unexpressed the crocieristica question. To Reggio functions of territorial leadership are assigned in the picture of the ports of the Calabria and in particular for the Calabria of the South in its renewed vocation beginning from the Museo Nazionale. The synergy between the port of Reggio (tourist crocieristico) and that of Gioia Tauro would come to being abruptly interrupted on being born tarpando tows them to the project of development of the same Calabria".

Oliverio, Falcomatà and Siclari have denounced moreover "economic delicacy of a new Authority that would not have to its inside no port "Core" of the European nets TRIES and therefore would be necessarily in the facts climbed in a condition of absolute marginality in the international interchanges. The newborn Authority of System - they have evidenced - would go under all the international standards for the ports of new generation, maintaining a connected localistico single profile to the management of the traffic on the strait and to the ro-ro national".

Reasons of economic and legal order relatively to the development of the ZES Calabria are recalled also and regarding the ZES in the metropolitan city: "the ZES - they have explained - would lose the unitary picture and of sustainable development that has been designed until from its first premise and that it has been studied and characterized as mission main in the strategic program and all the consultations carried out with local authorities, unions, datoriali and social associations, university. Such reasons would produce most serious damages in the municipalities of Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni that areas ZES would see managed from various agencies with determined various procedures going therefore back forms of procedural complication that they would be opposite to the constituent principles of the ZES so as enunciated in I decree ministerial 91. In the substance, second previewed how much for areas ZES inside of the two you carry the same areas would be managed in apartment house for some aspects from the president of the new Authority and for others aspects from the president of Gioia Tauro inserting so a duopoly that could block any decision. The planned duopoly, so as from amendment - they have found Oliverio, Falcomatà and Siclari - it could prime also decisional problems in all other areas ZES of the Calabria blocking on being born the ZES Calabria that have been the first in Italy to being proposed, the first to introduce the strategic program that you would see yourself so run aground in administrative debates that of it would block any effectiveness making to move the enterprises towards other territorial positionings".

For these Oliverio reasons, Falcomatà and Siclari have restated the their clean contrarietà to the separation of two harbour infrastructures calabrians, Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni, "than - they have evidenced - in the regional harbour system they have a fundamental and strategic role. The representatives of the three institutions calabrians have concluded specifying that "the interested E region local authorities will assume all the initiatives useful in order to guarantee integrity of the calabrian harbour system".


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