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November 27, 2018

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In the 2017 in Switzerland railway cargo it has yielded two points percentages of its market share to the road haulage

The transport on track has accused the impact negative of the closing of the line of the Valley Rhenish

Last year in Switzerland the performances of the services of railway transport goods, that pairs to 10,07 billion ton-kilometer to clearly have been of the weight of the container and the street vehicles, are diminished of the -7,0% regarding 10,83 billion ton-kilometer in the year precedence, while the performances of the road haulage have totaled 17,22 billion ton-kilometer, with an increment of +1.5% on 2016. The Helvetic federal Office of statistics specifying that the decrease of the transports on track is legacy essentially to the interruption of the railway line of the Valley Rhenish near Rastatt, in Germany, begun on August 12, 2017 and which lasted seven weeks has announced today.

Evidencing that the recorded bending of the -7% last year from the rail shipment is keeps on four consecutive years of increase, the Office of statistics it has specified that in 2017 particularly hit it has been the transit traffic that has introduced a contraction of the -8,3% due mainly at the close of the railway line in Germany for yielding of a feature of railroads, interruption as a result of which a part of the container transport has had to be transferred to navigation on the Rhine (in the 2017 is reshipped in the Swiss Rhenish ports 137,529 teu, with a progression of +4.4% regarding 2016).

Moreover the temporary interruption of the railway line to Rastatt has had repercussions also on the transalpine transport goods: in the 2017 tons of goods through the Swiss Alps are transported on track 27,2 million, that it corresponds to a decrease of the -5,3% regarding the year precedence. Stable instead the volume of goods tons transported on the road in 2017 (11,7 million), after five consecutive years of the reduction.

Last year a volume of goods is transported altogether through the Alps pairs to 38,9 million tons against 40,4 million the tons of 2016. The Office of statistics has evidenced that, even if is probable that it leave of the exchanges of goods are transferred temporary by the railroad to other modalities of transport because of the closing of the line to Rastatt, ciononostante in I compare international the quota the transalpine transport goods on track in Switzerland remains elevated with 70% of the goods that in 2017 is transported on track and 30% on the road, while in Austria, where also considerable amounts of goods are transported through the Alps - it has emphasized the Office - the relationship between the two modalities of transport have been exactly the contrary (on track 30% and road 70%).

Relatively to the main transalpine aces of transit of the railway cargo, the Office has explained that last year the transport goods on the line of the Gottardo, in spite of the railway gallery of base of the Gottardo is opened to traffic in December 2016, is diminished of -11,4% attesting itself to the 13,6 million one tons, while she to 13,6 million tons) along the Lötschberg-Sempione ace is increased of +1.8% (also. This - it has observed the Office of statistics - has had to the fact that the gallery of base of the Gottardo will only reach its full ability when the gallery of base of Ashes will be inaugurated also and all the access ways are adapted to the rail shipment of semitowings with a height to the angles of four meters. Moreover in the 2017 line of the Gottardo it quickly has various interruptions of long duration because of work of construction, that they have involved shunting lines of the traffic on the Lötschberg-Sempione axis.

Altogether in the 2017 performances of transport on the street net and railway Swiss has totaled 27,3 billion ton-kilometer, that is 1.8% in less regarding the year precedence. Last year the percentage of the street transports regarding all the transport performances went around around 63% and that of the rail shipments around 37% (regarding the year precedence the railroad has yielded to road two points percentages of its market share in the traffic goods).

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