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17 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:28 GMT+2

December 4, 2018

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Federagenti and Venetian Assoagenti motivatamente reject to the "fake news" second which the great ships damage Venice

The scientific data - they explain - refute the alarms pollution, tourism and risk incidents

Federagenti has listed to a list of the "fake news" that - it has denounced the federation of the Italian shipping agents - they are killing the port of Venice and has explained the reasons for which such assertions they are groundless. In occasion of the "not today's assembly" of Federagenti in development near the center of Confcommercio to Rome, event that this year the Federation has intentional to organize to the place of the customary pre-christmas assembly for I confront on the perspectives and the risks for the port of Venice, Federagenti has intentional to emphasize some of the topics of the presence of the great ships to Venice "- it has clarified the Federation - with the spirit not to oppose itself to who it is opposed to the presence in Lagoon of the great cruise ships, but with this in mind to restore the truth, to contrast the too much numerous fake news that on the Venice case they are bloomed luxuriant". "All - she has specified Federagenti - reaching to scientific, academic studies and even of associations enviromentalists who crumble that which has become shared truth, but that such is not. All in the belief that true solutions must compenetrare environmental protection and protection of Venice, with the requirements and the survival of a port that of Venice has been the reason to exist".

The directory of the theses, or presumed such, refutation from the facts, introduced from Federagenti and in particular from Venetian Assoagenti, begin with contradicting that they are the ships and the channel of the Oils to destroy the Venetian lagoon: "a recent search of the Rinaldo Study - the shipping agents have explained - demonstrates that the causes of the erosion of the Lagoon are from searching not in the ships, but in the outer dams to the Mouths of Malamocco that would have had to record positively".

A thesis to discredit is also that which is the crocieristi the responsibles of the tourist invasion, as "they affect less of 5% the total of beyond 30 million tourists and effectively those which visit the city does not reach 2% (than less 400 thousand people)".

It is not true not even - it has evidenced president of Venetian Assoagenti, Alessandro Santi, having introduced the series of adjustments to the "fake news" - than the ships do not pollute the air of Venice, as "they are the less polluting means of transport and from an analysis completed from a center searches German enviromentalist it turns out that a single steamboat pollutes more than a great cruise ship".

Moreover the foundations of the Venetian buildings are not eroded by the provoked billowy motion from the transit of the ships as "all the relationships indicate the contrary and also recent films on the manifestations Ships do not show as the produced billowy motion from a great ship to six knots is almost nothing".

Federagenti and Venetian Assoagenti have second refuted also the vox populi which the great ships can enter in San Marco, having specified that "the bathymetric ones, that is the maps of the backdrops, evidence as the great ships can only navigate in the middle of some channels for reasons of draught of their keel" and that "a displacement from the optimal route would be translate in an immediate block of the ship in the muddy backdrops".

It is not true neither - they have added - that the great ships provoke incidents: "all statistics officiate demonstrate them the contrary. Never a great involved ship".

At last Federagenti and Venetian Assoagenti have discredited the gossip second which the crocieristi do not leave wealth the city, in when "the directed economic impact of the cruises it is computed to the decrease in about 155 million euros and between 2013 and the 2017 limitations to the traffic have cost to Venice beyond 123 million euros".

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