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December 5, 2018

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The critical ANCIP the demands to the CULP of Naples to adapt itself at the market, pain the creation of an agency for the managed harbour job from the ' AdSP

The association and Filt-Cgil Campania stigmatize the decision to insert in the Plan of Organic of the Port the references to preliminarys investigation in course on demands for self-handler

The National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises (ANCIP) has criticized the declarations returned from the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central, Pietro Spirito, with reference to the presentation of the rough draft of Plan of the Organic one of the Port elaborated from the agency and relative to the organization of the harbour job in the port of Naples, with the demand turned to the Company Unica Lavoratori Portuali (CULP) for Naples of a greater operating flexibility and an economization of the rates, and to the ravvisata necessity that the CULP reaches with an important marine carrier a commercial agreement of reduction of the current rate and greater operativity in lack of which - he has specified the ANCIP - Spirit has preannounced that 2019 to the constitution of the agency of managed administration of temporary harbour job from the same harbour agency will be proceeded by April.

To such purpose the ANCIP, that it is the association constituted with the objective to reunite the harbour enterprises of which to art.16 the law n.84/1994 let alone qualified enterprises to the supply of temporary harbour job art.17 former law n.84/1994 comprised those deriving from the issolution of the old Harbour Companies, has remembered that "the constitution of the agency of previewed administration of temporary harbour job from the art.17, codicil 5, law n.84/1994 cannot prescind from the preliminary location, sanctioned from the precedence codicil 2, of the enterprise which to entrust such activity to the outcome of a procedure inspired to the communitarian principles of the public evidence, in the respect ofthe enforced dispositions and of pregresse the ministerial indications yields in phase of performance of the art.17".

Moreover the ANCIP has evidenced that "such procedure cannot be lead, as has seemed to understand, with expeditious tempistiche and modalities since must be characterized from the groundbreaking preliminary location of all the elements (operating and) not established from the art.17, which took into consideration the operating requirements and of the port of Naples".

The association has specified also that "the rate that the subject highest bidder of the contest will have to apply to the enterprises users could not be tax prioristically from the harbour agency in the contest ban but will have to be parametrata to the actual cost of the job let alone to the other factors that will go to characterize the organization of the enterprise highest bidder".

According to the ANCIP, "the "ultimatum" substantially granted from the AdSP to the CULP about the reduction of the rates seems not to consider adequately that the currently practiced rates are those established by the same AdSP in order to assure the respect by the CULP of the normative and retributive conditions of the CCNL of the harbour workers let alone in order to cover the general costs of management of the corporate structure and that such rates are able to not to cover the managerial costs that the enterprise must however support also in case of lack of the working occasions (from here, substantially - it has found the association - the crisis of the CULP in a phase of contraction of the starters)"

The ANCIP has emphasized moreover that "the possibility, for a marine carrier, to operate in self-handler regime cannot represent a form of damage of the quality of the operations and of the harbour services and the AdSP must necessarily condition the release (and permanere) of the authorization to the preliminary verification (and constant) of the respect by the marine carrier of the same demanded qualitative standards to the already operating harbour enterprises in the reference port, in professional terms, of safety, formation, quality of mechanical means and the instruments in general terms used for own operativity".

The insertion in the Plan of the Organic one of the Port of some references to preliminarys investigation in course on demands for self-handler introduced by marine companies is criticized also by Filt-Cgil Campania that in a letter to signature of the general secretary Amedeo D' Alessio sent to the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central and to the general secretary of the agency, Francesco Messineo, has remembered that "on these topics, and because of independent behaviors, a national strike has been produced 11th May".

The labor organization has stigmatized also the decision "to report descriptions articulated on the difficulties that the CULP of Naples in contrast to the model of Salerno is living, creating in fact one classifies inadequate and inopportune as well as little elegant".

"Article 17 - it has emphasized Of Alessio in the letter - for us remain elements of great importance for the functionality of the ports, so as it happens in all the ports of the world; they are the instruments to guarantee of the flexibility that, in spite of the evolutions in course, will be always central in the organizations of the job".

From part its ANCIP, evidencing that it cannot share the theses of the harbour agency, has concluded invoking "the performance of all the measures and the actions necessary in order to assure the permanence of the instrument of which to the art.17 by means of the presence of the CULP, in a position to guaranteeing the continuity of the history and the operativity of the Harbour Company in a context of respect of the rules let alone of reasonable collaboration with the harbour agency finalized to characterize - together with the marine carriers and the harbour enterprises - the optimal and economically sustainable solutions for all the involved parts, in the advanced interest of the port and the harbour workers of Naples".

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