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December 12, 2018

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Unikai (group HHLA) uses container "heating" for disinfestare the cars vanquishing trims them us browns

From on 1° September the exports of goods from Germany towards Australia and New Zealand they must be purposely prepared and dealt

Container refrigerator in order to heat the destined automobiles to being exported in Australia and New Zealand. The method devised from the Unikai Lagerei- und Speditionsgesellschaft is this mbH, an active society mainly in the automotive segment of the logistics that takes part of the terminalista group German Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), for disinfestare the vehicles eliminating injurious organisms and, in particular, the marmorata (cimice brown), original cimice of Asia oriental, than various nations they are worried can damage the cultivations as already it has happened in America North and the South Europe.

Swarms of trim us that huge damages have been multiplied also in Italy North provoking: Coldiretti has announced that these bugs are hitting soybean, maize, pears, apples, peaches and kiwi with damages until 40% of the harvests in hit lands, with a situation that is dramatic above all in Veneto between Padua, Rovigo, Treviso and Venice and in Emilia Romagna. But cultivations in Lombardy and Piemonte are hit also. Coldiretti has specified that the spread of the bugs, than in Italy does not have natural antagonists, has been favorite from temperatures very to above of the averages, in 2018 that until now classify as the hotter year from 1800 with the september month that it has made to quite record advanced temperatures very 1,82 degrees and inferior precipitations of 61% the average historical of reference (1971-2000), on the base of the data relative Isac Cnr to the first nine months of the year.

Well, the elevated temperature is own the weapon that Unikai uses in order to vanquish this plague that by now has exceeded the Alps hitting also the European nations center-northerners. The German company has remembered that, own because of these infestations, from 1°th September the exports of goods from Germany towards Australia and New Zealand must be purposely prepared and dealt with gas or heat treatment.

Unikai has chosen the second solution. However not being possible in times breviums to realize a warehouse where to park the cars and in which heating the air, solution that among other things would have demanded an excessive amount of energy and would have been ecologically inefficient let alone little flexible, the company has devised another system. "Our technical department - the managing director of Unikai has explained, Hartmut Wolberg - has had the diamond being heated idea to convert traditional the container reefer in container. Wolberg has emphasized that the container refrigerator has the ideal dimensions in order to contain automobiles, is very isolated and favors the circulation of the air. "Moreover - it has added - they are also very flexible to use. Every container can be heated based on the type of vehicle. Moreover the container reefer is easy available and if their employment is not necessary can be collected into a pile and stoccati in order to save space, or quite reconverted in cooled norms container. These - it has evidenced Wolberg - are all advantages regarding the expensive construction of a warehouse".

Unikai has announced that currently container reefer from 40 feet for pest control of the motors vehicle employs 20 and that about 1.500-2.000 vehicles subordinates to heat treatment come before every marine shipment. "In the first season - it has specified Wolberg - to Amburgo, using this system, we have dealt about 16.000 destined vehicles to customers in Oceania".

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