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December 13, 2018

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Study on the efficiency of the logistic corridors for the goods containerized in the Italy North

Centralized on Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, SRM and Contship Italla they are proposed to extend the investigation to other Italian regions

SRM, center studies connected to the Intesa Sanpaolo group, and the terminalista group Contship Italy has realized an investigation on the efficiency of the logistic corridors for the goods containerized so as perceived from the manifacturing enterprises of three between the main Italian exporting regions, that is Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna. Scope of the job - SRM and Contship have explained - has been of giving of the answers to questions complexes and articulated that they regard the used logistic corridors from the enterprises that employ the container in order to transport own goods, the modalities of transport used in order to vice versa reach harbour infrastructures from the center of the enterprise and, and also the Italian ports more used in order to reach the destination markets. The purpose of the study is also that to begin a distance where addresses to the institutions, the enterprises, trade associations can be supplied on which they are the priority participations in order in the next few years to push the accelerator on the section. The ambition - they have specified SRM and Contship - is to extend it to other Italian regions progressively transforming the search in a permanent observatory.

In order to realize the investigation 400 enterprises of the three regions are contacted, that they represent Gross Domestic Product 40% of and 52.7% of the import-export of the Country, interviewing them on how logistic and on the operating strategies of theirs import-export by sea through I use it of the container. From the investigation it has turned out that the main ports of reference for the enterprises are Genoa, La Spezia and Venice and is the road the main modality of connection with ports of call (second 81% of the interviewed ones), with intermodal (19%) that it still finds it hard to accelerate. The data - SRM and Contship have emphasized - anticipates however territorial differences.

The analysis for Countries of destination of the export shows a general prevalence of the director Italia-Asia. In particular, the Lombardy more is oriented towards Asia (58% of the enterprises), Veneto towards North America and Asia in way more balanced (respective 41% and 39%). Idem for Emilia Romagna where the same data becomes 47% and 44%. Shanghai and New York the harbour points of reference for Asia and the USA. The imports, instead, happen in prevailing way from Asia where in all the territory the percentage is attested on 73%.

SRM and Contship Italy have evidenced in particular the fact that the main market in import and export of the selected panel is the Asian countries and this in a moment in which the debate is strong on the Belt & Road Initiative and on which position must assume our Country regarding this Chinese project that - they have found - by now has become truth.

From the investigation it turns out moreover that the majority of the enterprises esternalizza the logistics: if of export 85% of the enterprises, for import 71%. Regarding the contractual clauses used, prevail the companies that use the Former yield (costs and risks of the transport at the expense of the buyer): if of exports 64%; for the imports 46%.

SRM and Contship have specified that their investigation, with innovative approach, is proposed to characterize also variable logistic the which the manifacturing enterprises gives greater importance and those of which mainly they are satisfied regarding the logistic system of reference. They are you anticipate also cracked regional that is offered in order to show the territorial differences in the total appraisal of the services of which it is made use. The final result of this analysis is the new index Quality Logistics Italian Index (QLI2) that measure the judgment of the enterprises for own logistic system of reference leaving from 10 parameters for everyone of which every enterprise has attribute a value of satisfaction and importance and that it is elaborated altogether for the E regions singularly for each of they. Through2 QLI the study is proposed to evidence the strengths and the priority areas of participation.

"Contship - it has explained Daniele Testi, director Marketing and Corporate Communication of the group Contship Italy - has decided to promote this aware study of the fact that the manifacturing companies compete in more and more important way through theirs supply chain. He is moreover obvious as the final consumers, even though still unconscious of the strategic role of the logistics, they are assuming a centrality in the processes of market with new pretensions and more and more tightening in terms of places and times of delivery". Remembering that in the 2019 Contship he celebrates 50 years of activity from independent operator, Witnesses have specified that with this initiative the group wants to contribute to the debate on the necessity to modernize the model of the primary logistics: "we believe - he has specified - is necessary to shorten the distance between committenza and operators, too much often engaged on the topic of the cost and too much little on the value creation through the levers of the digital innovation and the sustainability. QLI2 seems to record a insufficient attention on these thematic ones although it is obvious that on these factors we will play the competitive challenge of the future".

The responsible Maritime & Mediterranean Economy di SRM, Alessandro Panaro, has emphasized that "the carried out job has an innovative approach and is turned to supply indications on which they are the marine corridors that ours import-export via container canalize, the ports mainly used and the logistic modalities - in contractual terms - more diffuse near the enterprises that work with foreign country. We do not forget in fact - it has added - that Italy realizes by sea beyond a third party of own commercial interchange for a total of beyond 240 billion euros. Other important objective has been the construction of a turned index to estimate, by the enterprises, the efficiency of our infrastructures and the logistic processes; these parameters which monitored in the time, will be able to supply indications also for the decisore public about just the policy that our Country must adopt for being more competitive".

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