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December 14, 2018

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Last month the traffic goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of -1,6%

In the first eleven months of the 2018 tons of cargos (+9.5% are enlivened 60,4 million)

Last month the port of Barcelona has enlivened beyond 5,1 million tons of goods, with a decrease of the -1,6% regarding November 2017. In the field of the goods several the traffic has been of 3,7 million tons (+3.3%), of which 2,8 million containerized tons of goods (+3.5%) pairs to 285 thousand teu (+11.4%), included totaled with a handling of containers 118 thousand in transfer (+23.6%), and 932 thousand conventional tons of goods (+2.5%). The liquid bulk is diminished of the -7,5% coming down to 998 thousand tons, of which 712 thousand tons of hydrocarbons (- 14.0%) and 286 thousand tons of other cargos (+14.2%), and in bending have turned out also the bulk sand banks with 421 thousand tons (- 21.9%). In the segment of the passengers the traffic has been of 276 thousand people (+7.0%), of which 215 thousand crocieristi (+5.6%) and 61 thousand fleeting of ferries (+12.2%).

In the first eleven months of the 2018 Catalan harbour port of call it has enlivened altogether 60,4 million tons of goods, with a progression of +9.5% on the correspondent period last year. The several goods is piled to 42,7 million tons (+12.7%), of which 31,9 million tons of cargos in container (+16.2%) pairs to 3,1 million teu (+14.2%), included 1,3 million teu in transfer (+33.6%), and 10,8 million conventional tons of goods (+3.5% realized with a handling of containers). Car handling has been pairs to 750 thousand vehicles (- 2.5%). In the section of the liquid bulk the traffic has been of 13,9 million tons (+5.3%), of which 11,3 million tons of hydrocarbons (+6.3%) and 2,5 million tons of other bulk (+1.1%), and in that of the solid bulk of 3,8 million tons (- 6.4%). The passengers have been totally 4,3 million (+9.3%), of which beyond 2,9 million crocieristi (+13.4%) and than less 1,4 million passengers of ferries (+1.5%).

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