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December 20, 2018

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In a week the publication of the ban of contest for the dredging in the port of Salerno

The previewed amount of the activities is of 38 million euros

The Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central has given start to the phase of confidence of the activities of dredging in the port of Salerno with the contest ban that is signed today by the president of the agency, Pietro Spirito, for being then enclosed on the site of the authority between about a week after the publication on the "Gazette".

The AdSP has specified that the dredging work will regard the entire port of Salerno and will carry, to the term of the work, the backdrops of the commercial area to -14.50 meters, and those of the area fleeting to -11,50 meters of depth. The volumes that will have to be dredged are 3.250.000 cubic metres.

The total costs made up of contest are pairs to 38 million euros, so subdivided: 25 million euros for the work of dredging, 13 million euros for activities connected to the realization of the work.

The work, second how much prescribed from the Ministry of the Atmosphere and the Zoological Station Anton Dorhn, will have to be carried out in two various periods: the half of the volumes to dredge will have to be completed from half November 2019 to half April 2020, the other half from half November 2020 to half April 2021.

The ban previews that the activity is carried out with self-moving dredges, self-loading aspirants and: the means will have to not only recover the material from the bottom of the dock, but they will have also to stow it, to transport it in order then to pour it in the site of immersion in sea authorized from the Ministry of the Atmosphere. The contest capitulated one, to this end, establishes that points characterizing for the enterprises that will introduce the question in order to participate to the allocation of the work are: the availability of dredges with advanced ability to that minim established in 11.000 cubic metres; the year of construction of the dredge; the availability of the enterprise to place side by side another dredge that main one; the decrease offered regarding the pegged price Made up of auction (25 million euros).

"We will operate - Spirit has explained - in the within of the prescription defined by the control organisms. From the september end, period in which the Ministry of the Atmosphere it has approved of our project, we have in speed defined the executive project, managed a series of indispensable activities in order to proceed to the contest (verifications, batimetrici reliefs). The important news is not only that the contest will leave in a week, but that already at the end of the first cycle of dredging they will be able to berth, to the Manfredi pier, modern cruise ships: in fact it is previewed that in the first year it is arrived at the end to a backdrop of 9,70 meters of previewed depths regarding the 11,50 of the work. But with 9,70 meters we will be able to guarantee the berthing of great ships and debit therefore to the Marine Station the function for which it is realized. Also for the business activities of the port improvements to the term of the first phase of the dredging will be able to be appreciated already".

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