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December 27, 2018

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Last year in Italian territorial waters 260 marine lefts (- 9% have happened)

The involved ships have been 328 (- 5%)

Last year in Italian territorial waters and those bordering ones 260 marine lefts that have involved altogether 328 ships, regarding 287 lefts with the involvement of 346 ships in 2016 have happened. In the 2017 lefts that have involved sun national ships they have been 213 (233 in 2016) for a total of 271 Italian ships involved (287 in 2016). It evidences the "Relationship on the marine lefts" for written up year 2017 from the Head office for the vigilance on the harbour Authorities, harbour infrastructures and the marine transport and for internal ways of water of the Ministry of Infrastructures and of the Transports, study that the analyses contain statistics of dynamics and the more frequent causes of the incidents and happened marine lefts in national territorial waters in the last decade, and comprises on board also to the happened accidents of the ships.

The specific relationship that the total picture of the incidents been necessary in national waters, or those to bordering they, independently from their flag, anticipates given contrasting: even if the number of incidents in sea turns out decreasing, a fort has been found increment in the number of woundings and deaths in sea in the years from 2011 to 2013, mainly had to most serious marine lefts legacies to the phenomenon of clandestine immigration.

Relatively to the woundings (89 total ones in 2017 on ships of any flag regarding 38 in 2016) and to deaths (18 in 2017 regarding 11 in the year precedence) caused from the marine incidents, the relationship emphasizes that the course of the deaths and the woundings in the marine lefts been necessary to national ships (respective 17 and 86 against 8 and 36 in 2016), also introducing an increasing course from 2008 until year 2013, then is diminished in the next years. Such increment appears had to the two serious incidents happened in 2012 and 2014 to the ships Costa Concordia and Norman Atlantic mainly, within an otherwise rather uniform picture is of the deaths is of the woundings caused from marine left. In the course of 2017 instead an increment in the number of the woundings is observed, mainly in occasion of it hits been necessary to fleeting and fleeting ships and goods.

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