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15 September 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:01 GMT+2

December 28, 2018

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Green light of the Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro to Triennial Operations plan 2019-2021

Approved of unanimously also the budget of forecast 2019

Today the Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro has approved of unanimously the Triennial Operations plan the 2019-2021 and budget of forecast 2019. Relatively to the POT, the agency it has remembered that, not being still completed the transformation in Authority of Harbour System, for its editing it is given followed "to how much already traced in the precedence infrastructural planning, setting as own parameters of rifermento those indicated in the "National Strategic Plan of the Portualità and the Logistics", approved of in definitive way from the Council of Ministers on August 7, 2015, and in next attached to the Document of Economy and the Finance dedicated to infrastructures for the years 2016-2017-2018. Parameters of reference - it has specified the harbour authority - have been also those indicated in the "Regional Plan of the Transports", approved of with deliberation of the regional Council of the Calabria on December 19, 2016 and so also those which restated in the Pact for the Development of the Calabria Region. Taken into consideration the Agreement of Program Picture, undersigned last August with the Region Calabria, the editing of Triennial Operations plan 2019 - 2021, illustrated in Committee from the general secretary Saverio Spatafora - has still specified the Harbour Authority - he places himself therefore in the context of infrastructuring already started from the agency for the development of the five ports of competence (Gioia Tauro - Crotone - Villa San Giovanni - Palmi - Corigliano Calabro)".

Relatively to the port of Gioia Tauro, in POT 2019-2021 - it has explained the harbour agency - as a result of the analysis of the international crisis that has invested the harbour ports of call of pure transhipment as the calabrian port, it has been continued with the activity of planning of the diversification of the current working activities. "In the middle of such strategy - it has remembered the authority - there is the realization of the dry dock, for which, after to be completed the first phase of programming, it is proceeded to the definition of the relative public contest. Between the others previewed works, are planned the town-planning rifacimento of the former area Enel through the requalification of the practicability, the identifying one, the lighting system and the system of collection of white waters. Al fine of assurance the ulterior and greater safety of the harbour areas is previewed the rifacimento of the system anti intrusion and anti scavalcamento. Meanwhile, an aerial platform of the activities of the Firemen in case of specific participations on the cranes will be realized support. As a result of the reactivation of an Agreement of Program Picture of 1994 - it has still specified the agency - financings are recovered that will be used for the realization of ulterior lodgings to the service of the Harbour office".

In support of the port of call of Crotone, instead, POT 2019-2021 previews the follow-up of works of potenziamento of weather-marine safety of the Old Port, while to support of the development of the port of Corigliano Calabro the attention is concentrated on the practicability and the fence of the harbour areas. Specific planning finds also the requalification of the port of Taureana of Palmi through the realization of the dock of river that heads to offer an increase of the equipment of the services of the port of call.

Remembering that recently the government has instituted the Authority of Harbour System of the Strait, new agency under the whose jurisdiction is placed the ports of call of Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni as well as those of Messina and Milazzo, Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro it has explained that in the POT 2019-2021, "also aware of the current harbour reform in course, also participations for the port of call of Villa San Giovanni are previewed, that they could consequently be cancelled for own competence. Between these - it has specified the agency - priority assumes the necessity to place in safety the called dock "slide 0" in order to offer, altogether, the greater safety is on rubber that pedestrian with relative increase of infrastructural equipment of the port and its toilet-Front".

About the budget of forecast 2019, the document previews entered pairs to 75.656.834 euros and expenses pairs to 79.956.834 euros, with a competence deficit that piles to 4,3 million euros that find but total on December 31, 2018 cover in the presumed remainder budgetary pairs to 78.379.062 euros. It achieves some, therefore, than the presumed remainder of the 2019 it is attested to 74.079.062 euros.

Concluding the work of the Harbour Committee and greeting you anticipate, the extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority, Andrea Agostinelli, has emphasized that all the objectives assigned to it at the moment of the bestowal of the assignment are reached: "infrastructures, dredgings, legality and at last - it has remembered - the procedures for the purchase of the dry dock. We have faced - it has added moreover Agostinelli - the crisis of the port, with the constitution of the harbour Agency whose operation is currently judice post for the sentences of re-integrates of the workers fired from MCT".

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