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27 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:01 GMT+2

January 7, 2019

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The CALP exhorts the president of the Western From Liguria AdSP to resolve the problem of the rights and the salaries of the harbour workers

The Collective claims the atypical role of "enterprise" of the genoese Harbour Company and the important "weight" that its workers have had in the increase of the activity of the port

Collective Independent Working Harbour (CALP) of Genoa, referring to the issue of the salaries of the workers of the Culmv, claims the atypical role of "enterprise" of the genoese Harbour Company and the important "weight" that its workers have had in important the recent increase of the activity of the port of the capital of Liguria.

Evidencing that "the port of Genoa is first in Italy and door south of Europe, as us they remember with pride - it has found in a note the collective - the local politicians, president Signorini, the terminalisti, the agents and the shippers etc. ", than "new projects they are about to realization and ready to leave in order to strengthen this role: the new outer dam, new modern super docks, new road and railway connections, digitalisation of the informative flows and automation of the working cycles etc. " and still that the port enjoys "financings publics in abundance: a billion for the dam, for infrastructure internal hundreds of million, destined hundreds of million to rain to the enterprises - to begin from the road haulage and the railroads until the shipping agents - thanks to shipping, terminalisti collapse of the Morandi even if has not substantially lost a teu at the end of the year if not for normal reasons of uncertainty of the market", the CALP has emphasized that from ten years over the last also the harbour workers with their productivity "have made to grow the traffics of 60% and the profits of the enterprises to parity of salaries".

As for the lack of funds by the Culmv in order to pay the salaries or in order to close the budget, the Collective has remembered that the event goes ahead from ten years, "from when the Culmv has had to participate as enterprise to the contest announced publicly from the Harbour Authority for the supply of the flexible job to the terminaliste enterprises". Procedure that - according to the CALP - is be "farce for which today harbour of Culmv, that they count the half of the harbour ones that they make to work and to prosper the port, are found not to receive the salaries for the job from they regularly lend. In short the great port of Genoa from which the economy of the north-west and of part of Europe even depends - has denounced the Collective - it is able to not to pay the workers from which mainly - other that gives the collapsed bridge of the freeway! - the operation of the docks depends".

The Collective has stigmatized that "from ten years over the last the Harbour Authority, the politicians, the enterprises continues to lean the responsibility for this situation to the bad management of the Culmv although it has corresponded to all the demands that are made them in the years, thanks to all those introduced plans of enterprise from the Culmv that they are approved of by international societies of advising and the offices of the Harbour Authority. While the Culmv boasts huge credits by the terminalisti and attends from six months that the Harbour Authority finances them the formation and the measures of reorganization already approved of".

"Not there is need of economy experts - the note of the CALP continues - in order to understand where they are the responsibilities: the budget of the Culmv is made of rates and salaries. It is an enterprise so to speak. It can only work for and at the discretion of the terminalisti and to the rates that the Harbour Authority decides and that the terminalisti reduce own advantage systematically. The rates produce the single possible revenues and that solos from the terminalisti come that arrange of the destiny of the workers to they piacimento. About what we are speaking then? Where she is the mismanagement? The advisers called from the Harbour Authority have written it several times: it must raise the rates and to guarantee the flow of the payments and then the Culmv will be reorganized. It must make a "Plan of the organic one" as the law prescribes in order to plan the distribution of the job between harbour employee of the enterprises and the harbour associates of the Culmv. Instead, we assist to the shameful farce to force the workers with the hat in the hands of postulating their salaries earned with the job and the hypocrisy of Gentleman that does not take decisions and puts again the issue in the hands of the terminalisti. These, after to have extracted profit from the job of the harbour ones, now they take also the satisfaction to grant the due as if it were alms, as an automatic teller as the head of the VTE said some year meschinamente makes. All this - it has emphasized the CALP - is dishonourable! Dishonourable for the workers who do not intend more to put up with this provocation, but dishonourable also for the port and the city that it expects of being the door of Europe and does not know to pay own harbour ones. While he leaves free to take advantage of the terminalisti, with theirs vital aliens, with their anonymous funds, their shipping masters whom with the harbour management to the decrease naturally in he confronts of the job, expect to compensate the debits of the marine transport".

"Those terminalisti - it has still denounced the CALP - than are bought and they are sold, prolonged and the public concessions to they cross piacimento, in spite of the norms and to the controls publics, and that they dictate to the agenda and the decisions of president Signorini and its offices, as in the case of the Plan of the organic one that attends uselessly for a year of being under way. Al disopra of all would have to act in the general interest, of the workers at least how much of that of the enterprises - also because paid generous for this with money publics - the president Signorini, which cultivates its ambitions of being able and career on that prestigious seat. We - he has concluded the Collective - say: or he applies the laws on the job and resolves the problem of the rights and of the salaries of the workers or he discharges yourself and he goes to make another job. There will be sure some ready terminalista shipowner or to assume it in sign of gratefulness"

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