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27 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:00 GMT+2

January 9, 2019

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Uiltrasporti, government and MIT give an answer firm and decided to the demand EU that the harbour authorities pay the taxes on the societies

Columbus (Filt Cgil): the pronunciamento of the Commission does not go absolutely neglected but faced with the just determination. Reunion of the general secretaries of the AdSP

demand for the EU commission to make to pour to the Italian Authorities of Harbour System the same taxes previewed for the societies that they exercise economic activities realizing profits, express exhortation yesterday from Brussels also regarding Spain(of 8 January 2019), "the government and the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports give a firm and decided answer". The general secretary and the national secretary for Uiltrasporti, Claudio Tarlazzi have asked and Marco Odone, emphasizing that the issue of the European demand for payment Italian VAT to the AdSP does not have to be instrumentalized "as trick in order to change the legal nature of public the Harbour Authorities in Spa. Such a solution - the representatives of the labor organization have explained - would cause a damage to our by far advanced harbour system to the amount contested us from the EU commission".

Tarlazzi and Marco Odone have evidenced that "we cannot afford to penalize our ports in current the historical moment, that needs instead of stimuli of increase of the economy of our Country, in order to contrast the esteem of the GDP to the decrease. The infrastructures, especially those harbour ones - they have found - must be put to the service of throw again economic, and in particular the ports to that of ours export. Alle manifacturing enterprises serves pairs conditions, than they would not be guaranteed in some way from Spa, even though public, that is from economic subjects with the purpose of profit rather than of regulation".

"The effects of a privatization of the ports - Tarlazzi and Odone have asserted - would be therefore calamitous feeding a pitiless competition between Italian ports of call and, still worse, favoring a wild competition between the operators of a same port, with directed negative consequences on the world of work".

"In a world-wide scene in which the companies of shipping they have perfected instruments with which they try to control entire segments of the terrestrial logistic row of the goods - they have added the secretaries of Uiltrasporti - those that is necessary to the traffics many contendibili of our ports is a development of system of the entire Italian, realizable portualità only with public authorities of control characterized by terzietà and coordinated to national central level".

"In this much frenzied political phase - they have concluded Tarlazzi and Odone - it would be perhaps more opportune to concentrate itself on the true problems of the national and international portualità, giving wide support to the European action filed by labor union against the regime of exemption for the shipowning companies, that it will expire in 2020".

Also prompt Filt Cgil the government to an answer to defense of the Italian portualità as a result of the opinion of the EU commission on the tax exemptions of the ports. "By the government and of the competent minister - the national secretary of the union has asserted, Natale Colombo - a serious one serves and realizes reflection on the role of the Italian portualità regarding the communitarian policies". To such Columbus purpose it has emphasized that "to characterize as aid of State the recognized communitarian financings to the State, and not to private companies, for the works of infrastructuring of the ports of the Mediterranean, whose potenziamento is previewed own in reason of the performance of the European policies, it appears conflicting and it demands the maximum attention in the exercise of the activity of lobbying in the opportune centers".

According to the national leader of the Filt Cgil, "the moment has arrived to start, with the due and necessary competences, a serious connection with the EU commission and to demand punctual and univocal regulations for all the Member States with the auspice of being able to characterize selectivity criteria, profits to giving to the just value and market to the portualità of our Country. Moreover beginning from the pronunciamento, than does not go absolutely neglected but faced with the just determination - it has added Columbus - it can be decided, for the immediate future, the legal structure of the same Authorities of Harbour System, more and more projected in a context that goes beyond the national borders. Servants, therefore - it has specified at last Columbus - a joint action with all the institutional subjects, let alone the involvement of the European union also, for I compare continuous on the adoption of the policies common to put in field for the promotion and the development of the portualità in the Mediterranean countries".

While today to Rome, in the offices of the Association of the Italian Ports (Assoporti), the group of coordination of the general secretaries of the Authorities of Harbour System has met, organism that is constituted last April in consideration of the necessity of having to face a series of regarding technical topics the ports. Between the topics faced today, that of the communication of the European Union on the procedure of taxation of the concessions and authorizations in harbour within let alone how much is emerging in the carried out job from Assoporti in matter of rates of the technical-nautical services.

In the course of the particular reunion attention has been date to the potential application of an article of the financial institution that previews the block of the assumptions to indeterminate time for the not economic public bodies, a provision that - it is observed - could make useless the job carried out from the AdSP after the reform who have given they more tasks, with the consequent necessity of human resources. Always in staff topic, the general secretaries have wished that the unitary table of the CCNL for the workers in the ports leaves again within short in order guaranteeing the social peace that the aforesaid contract has assured until from 2000, year of its first drawing up.

At last all you anticipate have expressed the full solidarity and esteem to how many Livorno the port of in the activity are reached by relative judicial provisions to confidence let alone that will get ahead the magistracy.

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