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January 18, 2019

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Minister Toninelli announces actions lawyers against the Honored group Shipping

The abuse of dominant position that it practices on the Sardinian drafts is assessed and endorsed from the Antitrust, the minister has asserted adding that to grab hold of to the administrative law he will be able to serve to it up to a point

After the Q&A yesterday between the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Danilo Toninelli, and the president of the Honored group Shipping, Vincenzo Onorato, with the first who has accused the company of Tirrenia navigation of the Honored group to practice rates too much high although receives beyond 70 million euros of money publics per year in order to assure the marine territorial continuity with the Sardinia and with according to which he has replied that in short the minister does not know about what he speaks(on 18 January 2019), today Toninelli has informed that to Honored reserve to answer "also for the ways lawyers", but while it has intentional to remember to it "that the abuse of dominant position that it practices on the Sardinian drafts, the monopoly to all purposes and effects of which has spoken, is assessed and endorsed by Antitrust in March 2018"(on 23 March 2018).

"We are speaking - it has emphasized the minister - about a maximulta from almost 30 million euros adopted for anti-competitive conducts that would have violated article 102 of the Treaty on the operation of the European Union. The Regional Administrative Court - it has specified Toninelli - has only suspended the endorsement regarding its enterprises Cin-Tirrenia and Moby, waiting for value judgment. But - the minister has still emphasized - one speaks about economic retaliations and penalizations to the damages of the logistics companies that have made use of the services of the competitors, while by the other part preferential treatments regarding the societies remained faithful to its companies are adopted".

"Honored - he has added Toninelli - it is mortifying the Sardinians with rates that, above all in some periods of the year, splash to shameful levels. And all this while the State incredibly lavishes to it, in regime of concession, 72 million euros annual. Moreover, the level of its service is getting worse more and more - delays in the arrivals, in the departures, substitutions of ships with not suitable others - and demonstrates to the increasing endorsements to it irrogate to Mr. Onorato from the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports, than in the 2018 they have reached the figure of about 500 thousand euros".

"To grab hold of to the administrative law - it has concluded Toninelli - it will be able to serve to it up to a point. This emeritus benefactor to the Leopolda of 2015 explained, in front of Renzi, than the Sardinians they would have travelled on its ferries with hardly 14 euros. He be a matter himself of a worthy promise of its illustrious interlocutor. A prank besides the damage for the citizens of the island who already next Sunday, with the by-elections to the Chamber, will be able to use the ballot as a true weapon of change and to choose our Luca Caschili".

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