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23 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:59 GMT+2

January 21, 2019

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Port of Gioia Tauro, in order to exit from the crisis Fit Cisl exhorts to giving to course to the Agreement Program Picture of 2016

Fiorenza: to proceed to a oculata rivisitazione of the concession of the docks in order to open to the landing place of new operators

Fit Cisl Calabria exhorts the institutions to activate itself in order to face the crisis of the port of Gioia Tauro and the consequent emergency job. "The more and more urgent issues that plague the working, economic and productive life in the port and the harbour area of Gioia Tauro - explain the regional secretary of the labor organization, Annibale Fiorenza - they are late to record the waits solutions employee from the performance of the infrastructural works and from the productive takeovers wide shared to territorial, regional and national level. Very the ministers and parliamentarians come but in order not to make footbridges and visits that they do not carry substantial ideas and actions a dowry in order to exit unprecedented from a crisis. It must - Fiorenza emphasizes - start the yards than already shared and esplicitato in the Agreement Program Picture on July 26, 2016 that he does not go disregarded but valued and better supported in procedural and financial terms"(on 28 July 2016).

"It is from on September 10, 2018 - the representative of Fit Cisl - that we attend the resumption of I confront, near the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports remembers, with all the subjects in cause. I confront run aground in diffusing itself of the many national emergencies between which, however, this of the port of Gioia Tauro, it goes framed between the priorities and not neglected and underrated".

"The recent sentences that carry to I re-integrate of the harbour workers already fired - Fiorenza evidences - deliver an just action to us of legal transparency, but also an exceptional urgency to accelerate on all the elements that can guarantee the their profitable use and a working stability, today very uncertain for all the involved force job".

"Also for the most distracted - Fiorenza continues - it would have to be too much obvious end that the conditions of crisis and the persistent riorganizzative and expansive difficulties, of social compages MCT, are alarming and are right that, in permanere of such conditions, it can be proceeded to a oculata rivisitazione of the concession of the docks and the large squares with the attempt to open to the landing place of new operators. The activities of transhipment, than already in the 2017 had recorded a -11% and the lay-off of 377 workers, closes 2018 sinking towards about a -17% regarding year 2016, when, in 26 date July, institutions, enterprises and labor organizations, in order to face the social emergency, they have succeeded to develop and to sign the sopracitato Agreement Picture today in fort delay on the bench marks that headed for I throw again and to the development of the harbour activities, industrial, commercial and trasportistiche in the entire area, carrying a dowry instruments as the Agency for the which thought harbour job for giving economic support to the workers outside from the productive cycle and in order to guarantee covered of formation and working ricollocazione. This remains the vulnus of the possible sinergiche actions useful to carry to us outside from the ford that is putting to serious risk the strategic and economic future of the infrastructure and the Calabria".

"In this context, to safeguard of all the workers - Fiorenza observes - there is need to reconsider the more immediate solutions and suitable to ask for the failure of every perspective of I throw again strategic and productive of the entire harbour area, to leave, from the pulling ahead section that it is that of national the international and intermodal transport marine. In this optical, to society MCT we speed up to put into effect the investments of which it has taken engagement in the APQ and to convene, as soon as possible, the social parts in order to accelerate a distance, not of survival, but of escape from the tunnel of the crisis. Contextually we will not allow steps behind on the objectives, already shared and sign. The activation of Special the Economic Zone, the realization of the Dry dock, the Pole of the logistics integrated with the activation of the railway gateway, I throw again of the Activities of transhipment and the start of new productive activities on the entire territory ricompreso in the ZES remains our full stops".

"Al national government, the Harbour Authority and the Calabria Region - the regional secretary of Fit Cisl concludes - wonders to safeguard the value and the potentialities of the calabrian infrastructure that remains one of the 14 "Core Ports" on the net TRY and strategic knot in the Mediterranean. In this optical we ask an immediate resumption for I confront and a concrete engagement of the national on the urgent determination and indifferibile government is on the contents of the concessions and is on the regional plannings and of government of the new Authority of Harbour System that, for us, cannot prescind from the operating and functional unit of the entire calabrian harbour system".

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