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18 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 01:37 GMT+2

January 23, 2019

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Confitarma proposes the Spanish prescription in order to assure the territorial continuity with the Sardinia

In case of lacked I renew of the convention with Tirrenia, for the Confederation not sussiste the risk of loss of job for the marine Italians as the law imposes the employment of communitarian staff

The Italian Confederation Shipping (Confitarma) takes part in recent days with respect to the intention announced from the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Danilo Toninelli, to rewrite the convention for the exercise of the marine connections with the Sardinia in regime of public service, agreement that is face to guarantee the territorial continuity with continental Italy. It is a convention that in the 2012 State has undersigned with the company of Tirrenia navigation - Italian Company of Navigation (CIN) and to which in the 2014 is brought some modifications agreed with the Sardinia Region. Past thursday Toninelli had accused the Tirrenia company of the Honored group Shipping to practice rates too much high, although the state contributions are faces own to contain these prices. An accusation rejected by Vincenzo Onorato, patron of the shipowning group, than in its turn has reproached the minister of being little informed. Retort that has induced Toninelli to announce actions lawyers against the Honored one Shipping(of the 17 and 18 January 2019).

Manifest Confitarma solidarity to the minister "as a result of declarations - the Confederation specifies - of which it does not share neither the form neither the substance", almost to rimarcare the distance from the positions of Honored, than three years ago has exited blinking the door from the Confitarma in order then to join with its companies Moby, Tirrenia and Toremar to the new shipowning association instituted Assarmatori at the beginning last year.

Referring to querelle the Honored Toninelli vs, or more precisely to the retort of the shipowner to the minister in which she has remembered that "Honored Shipping, of which Tirrenia 5,000 people, all Italians take part, work and we by far represent the first national truth in occupational terms in the traffics for the islands", puntualizzazione would seem not necessary since Toninelli has not made some reference to the marine nationality of the boarded ones on the ships that carry out connections with the Sardinia, Confitarma emphasizes that "some risk of loss of job for the marine Italians does not exist in case is not renewed the current Tirrenia-CIN convention as, based on the enforced law, the crews of the ships that operate in cabotage services they must be obligatorily communitarian".

An observation that cannot that to relight the dispute that during the last few years has opposed Vincenzo Onorato to Emanuele Grimaldi, managing director of the shipowning group Grimaldi, than work also it marine lines with the Sardinia and that then he was president and now is past president of the Confitarma. A which moved relief seems without knowing - as Confitarma instead knows - that Honored ago distinction between marine marine Italians and more in general terms communitarian.

According to Confitarma, than now it is presided by Mario Mattioli, draft of an umpteenth instrumentalization of the topic of unemployment of the marine ones: "in fact - the Confederation explains - Torre del Greco counts little more than 85.000 inhabitants: to speak about 50.000 marine unemployed people to all purposes and effects belittles the problematic ones of about 3.000 marine premises that partially effectively navigate and partially really they are in looks for of occupation".

Confitarma agrees moreover with Honored when this last one rejects the accusation, which moved this yes from Toninelli, of having the monopoly of the marine services for the Sardinia: "regarding the monopoly - it had answered Honored the minister - it does not know that on the lines for the Sardinia other four companies operate: Large the Navi Veloci, Sardinia Ferries, Grendi and Grimaldi". Confitarma confirmation that "is true that Tirrenia-CIN does not have the monopoly of the connections with the Sardinia since beyond 60% of the traffics is under responsibility so to other four operators - specifying but - as the true existing monopoly in Sardinia is that relative one to the state subsidies to Tirrenia-CIN, only beneficiary of 72 million euros annual distributed from the State. For this - Confitarma evidences - the current convention is still more indefensible and unreasonable".

For Confitarma, in principle, "in particular for the great islands, it would not have to be previewed some subsidy in order to guarantee the territorial continuity". According to the Confederation, "the Network of private operators so is structured and organic to offer already adequate guarantees of connections". "Wanting however to distribute of the subsidies in order to guarantee the territorial continuity - the Confederation specifies - it could be resorted to the Spanish model based on which the subsidies are not distributed to the companies of navigation but directly to the user as contribution: practically fleeting and haulers can freely choose the operator who better answers to their requirements of mobility". Model that - we remember - was proposed some time ago by Guido Grimaldi, corporate short sea commercial director of the Grimaldi group, president of the Corto Raggio Commission of the Confitarma and president of association ALIS let alone son of Emanuele Grimaldi(on 19 September 2018).

Confitarma considers that this is "the way to follow in order to guarantee the territorial continuity in transparent, efficient and effective way, without to alter the free competition and without to create dominant positions of market", as "the Spanish model turns out fair, democratic, it does not produce effects you distorted you of the competition and promotes elevated qualitative standard of the services".

"For example - specific Confitarma - a contribution of 100 euros could be previewed to truck/semitowing enlivened from and for the Sardinia, that is about 30% of the current medium hire, following the modalities in the past adopted with the Ecobonus. The conveyors could so choose freely the navigation company and the contributions publics would be distributed to consuntivo only to those which they demonstrate that the travels really are carried out. Considering the current traffics, such measure would engage per year about 35 million euros of current 72 million euros. Remaining 37 million euros could be used for giving a directed contribution to the Sardinian passengers who move from and for the Sardinia, using are the ship that the airplane".

Confitarma clarifies at last that "only if of "failure of the market", as in the connections with the small islands in the winter periods, the traditional subsidies can be still considered the more sustainable system".

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