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18 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 01:20 GMT+2

January 23, 2019

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Retort of Assarmatori to Confitarma and heaviest accusations lasts of Honored to Grimaldi and Mattioli

Stefano Messina: "the respect from the law is not, and it cannot be, argument object". For transport marine with the Sardinia Vincenzo Onorato he proposes a new contest "that he could inspire itself to the French model for the Corsica"

Shipping the today's participation of the Italian Confederation (Confitarma) in order to manifest solidarity to the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Danilo Toninelli, regarding the declarations of the Shipping president of the Honored one, Vincenzo Onorato, on the issue of the rates practiced from its Tirrenia company for the connections with the Sardinia raised from the member of the government, could not that to provoke expectable the ulterior retort of Honored, always disinclined not to manifest own convincements. But he has sped up also taking of position by Assarmatori, the new instituted Italian shipowning association to beginning 2018 that sees between the associates the group Honored Shipping with its managing director Achille Onorato, son of Vincenzo, that he sits in the directive council.

Assarmatori has specified that it intends to refer for services to the topic of the Convention of territorial continuity from and for the Sardinia "in the collaboration spirit that marks it, and therefore with the objective to restore the truth of the facts, supplying also to the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, senator Danilo Toninelli, information you run and truthful". "Assarmatori - the president of the association has explained, Stefano Messina - perceives the necessity to lead back in systemic way, the debate especially to that picture of legality who has been object also recently of confronts particularly positive with the president of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Casellati, and with the other institutions and that it represents one of institutive fine its".

In order to clarify the position of Assarmatori regarding the Convention, pact undersigned in 2012 from the State and the Tirrenia company, the association has listed to six points key "that they would not have to be object of distortion or bargaining agreements". Assarmatori has remembered that "the Convention that assigns to Tirrenia CIN these services is yields currently of an agreement of contractual nature valid concluded with the State and in being" and has emphasized that "the shipowner, that assures these services assigned to it from the State, is respecting all the fixed norms from the Convention firstly the rates defined in the same one from the competent administration, regarding which guarantees also ulterior reductions in price".

Moreover Assarmatori has emphasized that "Tirrenia CIN adempie to the obligation to operate in the course of all the year making oneself loaded with the losses that derive from the exercise of the ships on some guiding ones and in periods of the year in which the ships they travel practically empty, guaranteeing however the regularity and the continuity of the service" and that "the Convention with the State is operating single on six fleeting routes (and goods) own in the optical not to guarantee to the Sardinia the right to the territorial continuity. On all the other enclosed routes that goods - it has specified the association - Tirrenia CIN work in regime of free market in competition with other shipowners".

Assarmatori, evidencing that the association "represents the overwhelming majority of the operating shipowners of line in the national cabotage and local public transport occupying the quota more important than marine Italians on ships clappers Italian flag", own position has remembered to have "already express in more than an occasion: premised the respect of the norms, the law and therefore of the enforced Convention, full availability to collaborate to the definition of a new picture that allows to guarantee the territorial continuity, on condition that also in that optical the operators are respected the laws by all: that it means the obligation of I use of marine communitarian Italians and/or; guarantee of supply of the service in the course of all the year".

At last - it has concluded Stefano Messina - "the respect from the law is not, and it cannot be, argument object". "I am astonished - it has added flaying the taken one of position of the Confitarma - that information are supplied to minister Toninelli that do not represent the truth and have already asked with regard to the availability for an encounter, in which to clarify also in this case, the shared will of transparency that is in the genetic code of our association".

If the crash between category representations so has today been ignited inflaming itself quickly, Vincenzo Onorato has carried the issue on the personal plan having specified that its answer is turned "Manuel Grimaldi, as true dominus of Confitarma that speaks and writes for mouth of the Mario Mattioli spokesman, awarded of the pompous charge of president". Two pigeons with a broad bean, would be said, with the attempt of Honored to accuse Grimaldi of personal interest and to denigrate Mattioli belittling some the role of guide of the Confederation.

According to Honored, "the today's official notice of the Confitarma is full of lies and inaccuracies". In particular the shipowner, referring to the assertion of Confitarma for which "it does not exist some risk of loss of job for the marine Italians in case not is renewed the current Tirrenia-CIN convention as, based on the enforced law, the crews of the ships who operate in cabotage services must be obligatorily communitarian", Vincenzo Onorato has observed that "if so were the Confitarma would have to explain as never on the Civitavecchia-Port Torres Grimaldi employed about 100 marine non-EU citizens that have gradually supplied to only disembark after the public denunciation from part mine".

Specifying that its today's retort is not time "to defend the State-Tirrenia Convention, Convention among other things - he has specified - than I have inherited with the purchase of the company and that I consider exceeded historically, Honored he has clarified that "72 million euros that the State guarantees is for transport not only for the Sardinia, but also for Sicily and for the islands Trembles, therefore - has added - this that declares the Confitarma - and that is that they are distributed exclusively for the Sardinia - is called from mine leaves "lie". He is singular - it has continued Vincenzo Onorato - than Confitarma never does not cite 150-200 million euros that, to miscellaneous title, State and Sicily Region they distribute for the smaller lines in Sicily to the former associates of Mr. Grimaldi or 60 million without contest as soon as always allocated for the connections for the smaller islands".

If Confitarma has proposed today the Spanish model in order to subsidize the connections of marine transport faces to assure the territorial continuity, Honored has been said instead in favor of a new contest for transport marine that "must see benefitted all the companies" and that - has emphasized - "it could be inspired to the French model for the Corsica with of the fixed small poles that exclude seasonal companies and who embarks marine non-EU citizens leaving at home the Italians".

Honored it has beaten again moreover that Confitarma instrumentalizes the topic of unemployment of the marine ones: "I have not never spoken - it has emphasized - about 50.000 marine ones without job to Torre del Greco, but in all Italy. I could be more precise - it has continued attacking in its turn the Confederation - if Confitarma had not refused of giving to the Mit the number of boarded non-EU citizens on the Italian ships". "On the contrary of Confitarma - it has added - Assarmatori has supplied to the Mit all the possible information in merit".

Evidencing that its is a battle whose objective is to safeguard the place of work of the marine Italians, to return possible the young people to undertake a career on the sea and to defend the Italian flag that - it has denounced - "today is the Panamanian flag of the Third Millenium", Vincenzo Onorato has exhorted the new government to giving "a sign of discontinuity with the last administrations" and to supply "to carry out that he legitimizes controls that corner these shipowner-speculators who are a discredit to the great tradition of the Italian marineria". "The battle that Grimaldi is leading, hiding behind the Confitarma - it has concluded Honored still throwing gasoline on the fire - is a fight for survival. For a group as its, that it has billions of euro of debits and that work social dumping goods in foreign market on the international routes employing marine non-EU citizens in order to honor its financial engagements already has reproduced this model in Italy on the cabotage routes".

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