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January 25, 2019

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Extraordinary program for the resumption and the development of the port of Genoa

It has total costs of 1.061 million euros, financed for 449,3 million euros

Today near the Liguria Region the extraordinary Program for the resumption and the development of the port of Genoa is introduced that is approved of by the extraordinary commissioner for the reconstruction of the viaduct on the Polcevera and mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, on proposal of the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western, Paolo Emilio Signorini, and that it is profitable possible graces also to the resources allocated from launched the Genoa Bill in order to tackle to the emergency of the Morandi Bridge, the highway viaduct on the Polcevera collapsed to half August.

Points hinge of the extraordinary Program are the improvement of accessibility to the port of Genoa, the intermodal integration city-port and connections with the genoese airport "Christopher Columbus". The Program will benefit for a period three-year-old of the exceptions previewed for the reconstruction of the Morandi Bridge and will be financed by the conspicuous resources allocated from the so-called "Genoa maneuver" (laws n. 130, 136, 145 of 2018), besides those already to budget of the Authority of Harbour System and other subjects private publics and.

The extraordinary Program has total costs of 1.061 million euros, financed for 449,3 million euros, of which 202,3 million with the "Genoa maneuver"; 160,5 million with funds to budget of the AdSP; 72,3 million from other subjects publics and 14,2 million euros from private capitals. The requirements are pairs to 612 million euros, of which 215 million euros relative to the Upset to sea of Fincantieri; 300 million euros to the first phase of the Outer Dam; 90 million euros to the quota Hennebique at the expense of private and seven million euros which co-financing for the participation of adaptation of the Park Outside Wall.

"The extraordinary program of the investments that will be carried out on the port of Genoa - has explained the president of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti - it has as objective to guarantee and to upgrade the competitiveness of the port of call, with a series of participations that the port of Genoa waits for a long time. Draft of a plan much articulating that it does not regard alone docks, dams and systems of transport, but investments that will change the face of the genoese port of call. Creed has made an extraordinary job in these months after collapse of the Morandi Bridge: the opening of the practicability parallel, the recovery of the railroad in very fast times has guaranteed to our port to close with a substantial balancing after two years of important expansion. Today we make a great step in more: we work for giving real competitiveness to the port of Genoa and for its substantial integration with the city. Today it is a good day because we align a series of important results a lot with, to the horizon, a concrete opportunity to return them feasible in fast times"

"Genoa - it has emphasized the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western, Paolo Emilio Signorini - is a port of call a lot important in reality not only national and this role is recognized to it also by the European Union. With the participations contained in the introduced extraordinary program today, with the new outer dam for the part to sea and with the investments on the last railway and street mile for the part to earth, it will change completely exceeding the accessibility problems and throwing again its competitiveness. It can be previewed to arrive in the arc of the next years to handling of beyond four million teu that they will be able to become six with the completion of Third Pass and Eaves".

Extraordinary program of investments

Harbour infrastructures

New Tower Pilots


Participation of infrastructural adaptation of the Which dropped new Bettolo for participation substitutive agreement


Fincantieri - second part of the project and propedeutiche works


Fleeting Sampierdarena dredgings and port


Static consolidation Bridge of the Thousands


New outer dam of Genoa - first phase


(of which 127,8 available ones)

Port-City integration

Hennebique requalification


Toilets front of East


Redeployment coastal Warehouses of Arrogant Carmagnani/


Participation of mitigation and completion of the walk of the channel of Prà side south


(55 available ones,
90 at the expense of the private ones)

Last Street and Railway Mile

I rearrange of the system of access to the operating areas of the harbour basin of Voltri


Elevated the accessory work and extension of harbour


Harbour elevated modernization and adaptation of the simplified solution node Saint Benigno - new Ethiopia passage n quota


Practicability of connection from the S.Benigno large square to Bettolo Descent


Complete realization of the road "the Arrogant one"


Study of harbour practicability


New bridge of the Pope


Dredging for the new bridge of the Pope


Car park of West


Requalification railway infrastructures of connection to the park "Campasso", realization electric traction in tratB the gallery "New Pier/Rugna Park"/"Submersible Line"


Modernization and new extension railway park "Rugna"


Participations of adaptation of the Park Outside Wall (realization of new endowed station of railroads of 750 meters, electrification of the same ones, mass in compliance with the intervie, centralization of the exchanges and realization of the system of segnalanento


Retroporto of Alexandria


(of which 171,9 already available ones)


First functional lottery (to define) of the widening of the Air terminal


Mass in safety of the viaduct Via Air Pioneers and of Italy


Cableway 9.000.000, 00

Mass in safety of the viaduct Via Air Pioneers and of Italy - Second Part


Current Air terminal requalifies


Potenziamento of the System Shunting Baggages


Erzelli station



PSA Genova Pra'
Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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