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18 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 00:41 GMT+2

January 29, 2019

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The port of Trieste has closed the 2018 with a traffic record of 62,7 million tons

Emphasized rise of container (+17.8%). Decrease of the bulk in the fourth trimester

In the 2018 port of Trieste it has established the own new historical record of traffic anniversary of the goods having enlivened 62,7 million tons of cargos, with an increment of +1.2% on 2017 when the precedence was marked peak anniversary. The new record is obtained several graces is to the maximum peak of traffic of goods never enlivened is to the consisting volume of traffic of the liquid bulk, inferior only to that realized in 2017, and is achieved in the first three trimesters of 2018 in which increases of +3.6%, +6.0% and +4.0% of the traffic are totaled to which a decrease of the -8,1% in the last trimester of the year is followed.

Last year in the segment of the goods several the traffic has been of 17,8 million tons, with a rise of +7.3% on 2017. In the single field of the container the new historical record with a total handling of containers that has been pairs to 725.500 teu, with an increase of +17.8% is established on the previous record of 2017. The Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Orientale has specified that adding handling of the container with the semitowings and the cases you furnish (expresses in teu equivalents), in the course of the 2018 has touched quota 1,4 million teu equivalents (+7.7%). The section of the rotabili has closed 2018 with 299.400 units journeyed (- 1%), bending - has specified the AdSP - due partially to collapse of the Turkish Lira that it has made to diminish the export from Istanbul.

In the 2018 liquid bulk they are piled to 43,3 million tons (- 1.0%) and the solid bulk to about 1,7 million tons (+1.6%).

Commenting the recorded data of traffic from the giuliano port in the 2018 president of the AdSP, Zeno D' Augustin, it has evidenced that the port of Trieste less and less is dependent on the liquid bulk: "we head - it has explained - for a multisector port that looks more and more to the development of the intermodalità and the environmental sustainability". "The data - it has added Of Augustin - give back to the photography of a port that confirmation leader in Italy for the tonnage total, but less and less been dependent on the oil. In spite of the light bending of the liquid bulk, in fact, we continue to grow, sign that we are investing also on other fields".

In the 2018 port it has recorded also the new record of traffic enlivened for railway way with almost 10,000 trains gone and arrived in the course of the year and an increment of +12% on 2017. The AdSP previews an ulterior increase of 10% of railway shipments in 2019: "the train - it has found Of Augustin - is the absolute leader of our increase and the port of Trieste confirmation in the numbers the choice made in favor of the investments in the railway infrastructures that pile to 120 million in total. To rethink the harbour system putting to the first place the railroad has given turned out important for the traffics and in terms of environmental safeguard".

As for the decrease of 8% of the traffic enlivened in the fourth trimester of 2018, with a total of 15,2 million tons you respect to 16,5 million in the period October-December of the year precedence, the decrease is determined by the contraction of the liquid and solid bulk traffics that have been attested respective 10,4 million to tons (- 10.6%) and 484 thousand tons (- 16.1%). The goods several has remained almost stable having totaled 4,3 million tons (+0.8%) with a containerized trade that - with 188 thousand teu - has shown an increase of +18.6%.

In entire the 2018 port of Monfalcone, also administered it from the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Orientale, has enlivened a total of beyond 4,5 million tons of goods (- 2.1% on 2017), of which 3,2 million tons of solid bulk (- 6.4%) and 1,3 million several tons of goods (+10.6%) included 233 thousand tons of rotabili (- 15.4%).

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