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18 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:21 GMT+2

February 4, 2019

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ANITA, the chaos on the A22 freeway is one's fault not the trucks but of politics Austrian of block of the commercial traffic

Freeway of Brenner charges the uneasiness to the snowed one of extraordinary intensity, the avalanche and the vehicles that have ignored the prohibition

If the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Danilo Toninelli, has attributed the guilt of the uneasiness determined from the interruption of the traffic on the A22 freeway of Brenner happened saturday as a result of a snowed abundant to the concessionary society Freeway of Brenner, threatening I renew of the concession with a totally public order (currently the society is for controlled 85% from public bodies), the same concessionary society has attributed the cause of the uneasiness to snowing "of extraordinary intensity", to which the impact of "an avalanche has been added that has invaded both the tracks", but also "to those who, ignoring scientemente the decree of general the technical Direction that imposed the no thoroughfare to the deprived vehicles of winter equipment, equally has ventured towards the step of Brenner, to 1.400 meters of snowed quota during the intense one, transgressing with great frequency also the overtaking prohibition tax to heavy means". For the association of road haulage enterprises goods and logistics ANITA, instead, "the chaos on the A22 of the last days it is one's fault not the conveyors with their trucks, but simply of politics Austrian of block of the commercial traffic".

If Toninelli has activated a ministerial inspection "in order to verify that the concessionaire is taken part adequately", Freeway of Brenner has remembered "that never before now snowing has put in crisis the practicability along the freeway of the Brenner", than this weekend "in 24 hours has fallen a snow amount that, of norm, falls in two months, with it accumulates repentini that they have grazed the meter" and that "to the 10:10 of 2 saturdays February, to the height of kilometer 5, an avalanche has been detached that has invaded both the tracks, lacking in single traffic thanks to the previewing decided limitations previously gives Freeway of Brenner".

Moreover the society, referring to those who they have ignored the no thoroughfare to the deprived vehicles of winter equipment, has emphasized "the irresponsible behavior of most numerous motorcyclists who, also to reach a motoraduno in Bavaria, have continued the travel under the snowed one having become protagonists of numerous falls with immediate repercussions on the practicability". But - as ANITA - also the concessionary society has cited between the causes also "the no thoroughfare tax from the 22 of friday from the authorities Austrians, than already in the normal days it determines inevitables slows down".

For Freeway of Brenner it has been be a matter therefore of "a real one "storms perfect"": "test of is the fact - it has explained the company - than has been able to return to single normality after the authorities Austrians, in the day of saturday, have removed the no thoroughfare in order to allow to unblock a situation become to that indefensible point. Freeway of Brenner, own in order to prevent analogous problems on the Austrian depositor - it has specified the society - has not never stopped the circulation towards south. In the single day of friday, in spite of how much success, very 10,000 heavy means are successful to journey, in both directions of march, through the pass of Brenner".

Referring to the winter equipments of heavy means, the president of ANITA, Thomas Baumgartner, have remembered that "from years for the trucks more summery and winter tires do not exist, but only tires M+S, that is to say valid rubbers for all the conditions, are in winter that of summer. Therefore - he has specified - he does not correspond to truth who happened how much on the A22 would be one's fault the mounted summery tires from some TIR". Rather Baumgartner has evidenced that, "as by now happens for a long time, every friday evening forms a long heavy means column on the A22 depositor to south of Brenner, for the night prohibition and the new prohibition of circulation of the saturday morning in Tirol and friday slid, with snowed and the presence of truck on the right lane, was not possible an optimal cleansing of the street mantle by means for the evacuation of the snow".

Baumgartner has implicitly replied also to the relief of the concessionary society about the trasgressione of the overtaking prohibition tax to the trucks: "he is obvious - it has observed the ANITA president - than the heavy means that transport perishable goods or those authorized persons to night circular also, in order to avoid to remain blocked from the effectiveness of the prohibition Austrians, they have obviously tried to surpass the column of the TIR, but having to exceed a part of not cleaned street mantle from the snow, they have had problems".

Baumgartner therefore has asked the political representatives to take part in order to contrast "unilateral politics of Austria against the commercial traffic, than besides to procure you attend assemblies on the A22 with consequent risk for the other users of the infrastructure - she has emphasized - enormously damages also the Italian economy and that of Alto Adige. We understand - he has concluded Baumgartner - than the motorists who use the freeways would want to have them free from the heavy traffic, but we make alone ours we must in order to serve our outsourcers and we carry out an essential service for the economy. No truck circulates on the roads for likes or amusement".

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