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25 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:25 GMT+2

February 4, 2019

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Last year Hupac has enlivened an intermodal traffic pairs to 926 thousand shipments (+21.4%)

The increase is due also to the acquisition of ERS and the recovery of the lost activity because of the interruption of the line Rhenish

In the 2018 Helvetic society of intermodal transport Hupac it has recorded a fort increment of the enlivened volumes of traffic that it is consequence mainly is of the recovery of the loss of activity happened in summer 2017 because of the interruption of the railway line Rhenish to Rastatt, in Germany, is of the effect of the acquisition of German ERS completed Railways last June(on 2 May 2018). The increase, in fact, is concentrated in the second half of the year, with an increase of recorded +7.7% in the first half of 2018 to which it is followed more decided rise of +37.1% in next the six months.

Altogether last year the company has enlivened a traffic of 926 thousand street shipments (pairs to 1,72 million container teu), with a progression of +21.4% on 2017, of which 487 thousand shipments in the single second half of the year.

Particularly important it has been the increase of the not transalpine traffic that in the entire 2018 has been pairs to 352 thousand shipments (+38.4%) and in the single second half of the year to 210 thousand (+73.4%), increment - it has specified the society - that is from attributing almost exclusively to the volume of the operator ERS Railways who offers to connections between the ports of the Sea of the North and numerous destinations in Germany, besides additional services as the harbour traffic, the local delivery and the clearance.

Last year the transalpine traffic is piled to 574 thousand shipments (+12.9%), of which 277 thousand in the second half of year (+18.3%). In the 2018 single traffic through Switzerland it has been pairs to 536 thousand shipments (+14.4%), of which 258 thousand in the second half of the year (+20.4%) and of which the almost half it is due to the recovery of the losses of volume caused by the closing of seven weeks of the line Rhenish in August/september 2017 (to clearly of the Rastatt effect, the transalpine traffic through Switzerland is increased in the entire year of about +8%), while the traffic through Austria and France has totaled almost 39 thousand shipments (- 4.4%), of which 19 thousand in the second half of the year (- 4.1%).

For the year 2019 Hupac previews a stabilization of the question of transport due to the slow down of the economy.

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