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19 August 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 16:15 GMT+2

February 6, 2019

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In the 2018 ports of Naples and Salerno they have enlivened for the first time beyond a million container (+5.3%)

The crocieristico traffic has turned out in increase respective of +15.2% and +17.0%

If in the 2018 traffic of the goods in the port of Naples, waiting for given on the solid bulk not still which announced from the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central, he has turned out almost stable, in the port of Salerno, administered port of call also it from the AdSP, the activity in Core business of the container and the rotabili has turned out in light bending.

Last year in the port of the capital of Campania the traffic of the goods several is piled to 11,1 million tons, analogous volume to that of 2017, of which 5,7 million containerized tons of goods (+3.9%) pairs to 563.133 teu (+10.4% totaled with a handling of containers) and 5,4 million load ro-ro (- 4.1%). In the field of the liquid bulk the traffic has been attested 5,1 million to tons (+0.8%), of which 3,6 million producing tons of oil refined (- 0.9%), 1,1 million oil tons of producing gaseous, which liquified or compressed and natural gas (- to 0.9%) and 409 thousand tons of other cargos (+26.0%).

In the 2018 containerized trade in the port of Salerno it has been of 5,5 million tons (- 2.4%) and are realized with a container handling pairs to 452.095 teu (- 0.6%). In the section of the rotabili the decrease has turned out more emphasized being enlivened 7,7 million tons of cargos on rubber (- 5.4%). The traffic of the solid bulk is piled to 152 thousand tons (+16.3%).

The AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central has evidenced that in the 2018 containerized trade enlivened totally from the two harbour ports of call it has exceeded for the first time the million teu reaching quota 1.015.228 containers from 20 '.

As for the traffic of the passengers, in the field of the Naples cruises it has recorded a total almost 1,1 million passengers and Salerno 76 thousand, with supported increments respective of +15.2% and +17.0%. In the port of Naples the passengers of the marine services of line have been beyond 6,7 million (+0.7%) and to Salerno 756 thousand (+11.1%).

"The data of increase of the recorded marine traffics in the ports of the Campania in 2018, in the segments of the commercial traffics as in those of the fleeting traffics - the president of the AdSP has commented, Pietro Spirito - they testify a lead positive combined job from the harbour operators, from the economic and tourist woven one of the territory, from the institutions. In the 2019 they will go ulteriorly capitalized these sinergiche actions, following through important infrastructural work in course and starting of others that will be of decisive importance in order to consolidate the competitiveness of the harbour system it lives in the mean and the long period. We will work also in order to attract manifacturing investments that are indispensable in order to return our territory from the point of view of the industrial production more solid, through special the economic zone".

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