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February 7, 2019

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Morandi bridge and sea storm, but also aggravation of the economy of Italy, weigh on the activity of the ports of Genoa and Savona-Go

In the 2018 two ports of call they have enlivened 70,3 million tons of goods (+1.7%)

In the 2018 ports of Genoa and From Liguria Savona-Go they have enlivened 70,3 million tons of goods, with an increment of +1.7% on the year precedence. The Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western, that it administers the two harbour ports of call, has attributed the limited recorded increase last year, is contracted in recent months of 2018 against a progression of +4.3% in the first seven months of the year, mainly to the impact negative of collapse of the Morandi bridge happened to Genoa on August 14, 2018 and to the tempest of the end of October that – it has remembered the agency - has hit from Liguria coasts seriously and in particular those savonesi. Two events of exceptional gravity – it has emphasized the authority - whose repercussions on the city of Genoa and the economy of the entire harbour system are destined to produce to effects also in the medium term. To these causes it seems you must yourself be added to the effect of the increasing difficulty of the Italian economy, with Gross Domestic Product that – after more three-year-old - is returned beginning from to decrease the half of 2018; probably predominant effect and that it could have an impact very more long-lasting on the activity of the harbour system of Genoa and Savona.

Relatively to the single port of Genoa, that it has closed the 2018 with a traffic of 55,3 million tons with an light increment of +0.3% on the year precedence when the port of call had marked important increments of traffic, the first half of 2018 has been archived item with an increase of +3.9% to which a bending of the -3,2% in the second half of the year generated from a decrease of the -4,2% totaled in the solo is continuation third trimester (respect to a third trimester 2017 in which era marked an increase record of +10.7%) and from a decrease of the -2,2% in the solo fourth trimester (against a recorded +7.6% inthe correspondent period of 2017).

The single port of Savona-Go has concluded 2018 with a total of beyond 15 million tons, with a rise of +6.7% on 2017 producing by an increment of +10.8% in the first six months of the 2018 continuation from less consisting an increase of +2.5% in next the six months.

Relatively to the different enlivened cargo types, in the 2018 port of Genoa it has enlivened 25,4 million containerized cargos, with a contraction of the -1,7% that is yields of the decreases of the -7,4% and the -5,3% recorded respective in the third and fourth trimester of the year that they have made followed to a first trimester in increase of +6.1% and to according to stable trimester. Last year, in terms of enlivened containers from 20 ', the containerized trade has been pairs to 2.609.138 teu, with a reduction of the -0,5% on the 2017 that is the result of an increase of +9.2% in the first trimester followed in the next trimesters from variations percentages respective of +0.6%, -7,2% and -3,7%. In the field of the goods conventional instead an increase of +3.8% with a traffic is marked that in the entire year has been attested 10,1 million to tons.

In 2018 to attenuate drastically the trend of increase of the activity of the port of the capital of Liguria it has contributed also the bending of the solid bulk traffic, than in the commercial field they have been pairs to 529 thousand tons (- 16.3%) and in that manufacturer to 2,5 million tons (- 9.8%). In the segment of the liquid bulk, the mineral oils are piled to 15,0 million tons (+3.8%) and other cargos liquids to 715 thousand tons (- 2.2%), of which 490 thousand chemicals tons of (- 3.4%) and 224 thousand tons of oils vegetables and wine (+0.3%). The supplies of fuel and supplies of edge have been pairs to beyond a million tons (+7.6%).

In the section of the passengers, in the 2018 two from Liguria ports they have enlivened altogether almost 4,3 million people (+1.6%), of which 1,9 million crocieristi (+4.5%) and 2,4 million passengers of ferries (- 0.5%). To Genoa the crocieristi have been 1,0 million (+9.3%) and the passengers of the regular marine services 2,1 million (+0.1%), while to Savona the cruises have totaled 848 thousand passengers, with a decrease of the -0,7% who – the AdSP has explained - have been effect of the necessary riprogrammazione of the ports of call in sight of the imminent start of the work of strengthening of the dedicated dock, and the fleeting ferries 352 thousand, with a decrease of the -3,8% that – it has specified the Authority of Harbour System – is in association with the temporary suspension of some services as a result of the huge damages of the sea storm on 29 October, calamitous event that it does not have equal in last the one hundred years.

The AdSP has moreover announced that in the 2018 collection of the harbour taxes it has generated put up entered for 1,5 million euros regarding 2017, pairs to an increment of +2.8%, in slow down regarding recorded +9% in the first seven months. Relatively instead to the starters to the job in the port of Genoa of the former authorized enterprise art.17, in the first seven months of the year the values 129,899, +0.6% regarding the same period of 2017 had remained substantially unchanged (), while between August and December the days worked are diminished of -4,7% (88,747 vs. 93,172) and, altogether, in the arc of the year 3,663 days in less have been recorded regarding 2017.

PSA Genova Pra'
Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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