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February 18, 2019

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The EU commission starts a campaign of information in the customs field in order to tackle to a Brexit without agreement

Moscovici: to prepare itself for the controls and the verifications of the goods is an unavoidable necessity for the protection of our consumers and our home market

Today the EU commission has started a campaign of sensitization centralized on the field of customs and the indirect taxes that is turned to the companies of the European Union in order to raise awareness them on the eventuality of an escape without agreement of the United Kingdom from the EU on 30 March next. Brussels has specified that the activation of the initiative is decided in consideration of the risk that not reached to an understanding in such sense: "now that the risk of an escape without agreement is made acute approximating itself on 29 March - the European commissioner for the financial Economic affairs has explained and, the fiscality and customs, Pierre Moscovici - the customs EU commission and national authorities work alacremente in order to prepare for the controls and verifications of the goods that will have to be introduced in the commercial flows between the EU and the United Kingdom. Draft of an unavoidable necessity for the protection of our consumers and our home market. A lot - it has emphasized Moscovici - will depend on the ability to the enterprises that entertain commercial relationships with the United Kingdom to put themselves to the step with the customs norm, than in case of escape without agreement the first day will be applied since. The time tightens and the Commission is put on in order to help with this informative campaign".

Remembering that in the Member States they are already in course, with the support of the Commission, the work necessary in order to prepare the customs infrastructure and the logistics to tackle to an eventual escape without agreement, the EU commission has specified that with the under way campaign today it agrees to integrate the put into effect initiatives domestically in order to inform the economic operators of the EU, having contributed to involve the enterprises interested in the Member States of the EU to 27.

Scope of the campaign is to contribute to inform the disposed enterprises to maintain commercial relationships with the United Kingdom after on 30 March on the participations necessary in order to facilitate for the how much possible transition. According to the Commission, in order to prepare itself to maintain commercial relationships with the United Kingdom in the event of an escape without agreement the enterprises of the EU they would have in the first place to estimate if they have of the technical capability and human necessary in order to fulfill to the customs procedures and the norm, for example in matter of preferential norms of origin. Moreover they would have to attend on to obtain the several authorizations and customs recordings that they will facilitate to them in the business activity if the United Kingdom is one of the links of their logistic chain. Moreover the companies would have to consult national the customs authority in order to verify if other arrangements are opportune.

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