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24 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:57 GMT+2

February 21, 2019

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Grom (UTLC WAS): 10% of the container transported for marine way on the Asia-Europe routes could be sent via railroad

The company has introduced an index in order to determine the value of the transports long the euroasiatico corridor

10% of the container that currently is transported for marine way on the routes between Asia-Appease and Europe could be sent for railway way. It has emphasized Alexey Grom, president of United Transport and Logistics Company - Eurasian Rail Alliance (UTLC ERA), the society that in transit manages beyond 70% of the transport of the goods on trains line container on the railroad to gauge of 1.520 millimeters between China and Europe.

Evidencing that UTLC ERA employs five days and means for the transport of the goods from China to Europe on a draft of 5.430 kilometers, taking part today to the fair of Transpotec Logitec of Verona, Grom has explained that currently "handling goods on container is the segment of the market of the rail shipment more young person and, at the same time, in more fast increase. The potential one of this field - it has found - remains enormous: beyond 23 million teu per year they are delivered in Europe from the Countries of the Asia-Appease region and in opposite direction by sea and until 10% of this volume it could be delivered through the euroasiatiche railroads. Our strategic objective is that to reach the goal of transported means million of container on our routes within 2025".

Grom has specified that the transport long container the New Via of the Silk records a strong increase and that in the 2018 volume of the goods China and Europe delivered between are increased of 35% regarding 2017 being piled to beyond 370.000 teu. This data - it has observed - shows as the freight trains directed towards China represent a commercial opportunity also for the Italian companies.

In the within of the hall Transpotec Logitec the UTLC ERA, that it is joint venture participated with equal quotas from the Russian Railroads (RZhD), from the Belarussian Railroads and from the Railroads of the Kazakistan, has introduced the Eurasian Rail Alliance Index ERAI and the website dedicated to the project. The company has announced that the new Eurasian Rail Alliance Index, analogous to indices SCFI and WCI, is a complex index in a position to determining the value of the transports long the euroasiatico corridor in the territories of Russia, Kazakistan and Belarus.

UTLC ERA has emphasized that the application of the ERAI supports the Italian and European companies in the calculation automatic rifle of the transport costs goods between China and the EU. The index is calculated on the base of various factors, between which the level of the rates goods on gauge 1,520 for the transport of container on track; the level of the rates for I use it of cars for the container transport; the cost of the services near the terminals for container and the time and the speed of the service of supplied transport. The ERAI is devised so that all the involved countries of in trade East-West the euroasiatico corridor can benefit some in egual measure.

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