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19 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:58 GMT+2

February 21, 2019

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Alarm of the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano for the extension of the planned sector no thoroughfare from the Land Tirol

Boredoms (Confcommercio-Conftrasporto): "the Italian government active also in European field in order to avoid the introduction of anti-European norms"

The Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano has launch an alarm for the intention of Tirol of the North to bring changes to the night no thoroughfare, the sector no thoroughfare and the prohibition for classes euro introducing more restrictive measures, above all for the sector no thoroughfare that - it has denounced the agency - serious repercussions would have on the economy altoatesina and its companies.

"The Land Tirol - the president of the Chamber of Commerce has explained, Michl Ebner - has prepared three regarding decrees the no thoroughfares for classes euro, the night no thoroughfare and the sector no thoroughfare. The Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano is contrary to the measures in esse previewed, particularly to the tightening-up of the sector no thoroughfare". Ebner has remembered that if today the sector no thoroughfare regards the transports of determined ferrous and not ferrous refusals, stones, lands and diggings, log and cork, details categories of vehicles, materials, particular types of steel, marble and travertine and floor tiles of ceramics, second the decrees previewed from the government of Tirol, beginning from on October 1°, 2019 would fall under the sector no thoroughfare on the A12 freeway of the valley of the Inn also the following categories of goods: paper and cardboard, fluid mineral oil by-products, concrete, lime and chalk, coo and outlined cables and cereals.

The Chamber of Commerce has emphasized that also the application of the sector no thoroughfare to heavy means of class euro 6 would represent a remarkable restriction, since this goods could not be transported on the freeway of the valley of the Inn not even with means of new purchase. "The extension of the no thoroughfare to the new categories of goods - it has specified the general secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, Alfred Aberer - would particularly hard hit in way the economy altoatesina. For example, from 1°ottobre 2019 heavy means over the 7,5 tons they could not more transport cereals, coo and outlined cables on the freeway of the valley of the Inn. This goods would have to be transported on difficultly feasible track, what, sight inefficiency of the railway connection. These measures would have a single sense as a result of the opening of the Gallery of Base of Brenner and to the construction of the access drafts".

The agency has specified that the companies with transports in departure from and in arrival in Tirol, moreover, would be excluded by the restrictions and that with these measures the companies active altoatesine in the categories of assets comprised in the new decree strongly would be disadvantaged in their competitiveness regarding those with center in Tirol and they would be found in the condition more for not being able to accept or to execute sure orders.

The vice president of Confcommercio and Conftrasporto, Paolo Uggè, has shared the position expressed from the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano and has asked the immediate participation for the Italian government "for stoppare the arrogance of Austria". "The Italian government - he has sped up Boredoms - active also in European field in order to avoid the introduction of anti-European norms. Not there is time to lose, must activate itself quickly, because, if politics remain to look entire Pese find again block, with the heaviest consequences on all the economic system".

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