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27 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 13:08 GMT+2

February 25, 2019

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Andrea Gentile is confirmed to the presidency of Assologistica

It will be placed side by side by vice-president Sebastiano Grasso, Massimiliano Montalti, Umberto Ruggerone and Renzo Sartori

Ravennate Andrea Gentile, general manager of Docks Cereals (Group PIR), is confirmed to the presidency of Assologistica, the national association of the operators of logistics on account third party, for biennium 2019-2020. In this second term he will be placed side by side to the associative summits from vice-president Sebastiano Grasso (Sogemar), Massimiliano Montalti (Montalti Worldwide Moving), Umberto Ruggerone (FNM) and Renzo Sartori (Number1).

Remembering that during its first mandate the association is engaged on many foreheads, last that of I do not renew of the Logistic CCNL, Transport Goods and Shipment, and that currently the preparation is on for renews of the CCNL of the Workers of the Ports and that of the Leaders of the Enterprises of Logistics, Department stores, Harbour Terminals Operators, Interportuali and Aeroportuali, Kind it has emphasized that Assologistica must tackle to important challenges a lot and that the years to come will be crucial for the field, "than but, fortunately - has evidenced - recently is having the consideration that is deserved and more levels (to begin from the confindustriale world). Fact this - it has found Kind - rather unknown, after years in which we were hardly able to explain the role and the strategic importance of our job, species in an alive Country whose economy in good part of exports and that not always it has known to put to I yield the competences that we logistic operators put in field".

Remembering, moreover, than besides the numerous encounters with exponents parliamentarians and of government in order to illustrate the position of Assologistica on the protection of the right of enterprise and safety of the workers, the association has held a audition in Commission Transports of the Chamber in which also it has exposed the topic of the insertion in the civil code of the contract of logistic services, Kind it has observed that "the operator of logistic services still today cannot count on normative protections that, on the contrary, are previewed for other subjects that they carry out some phases of the logistic activity, as for example the haulers. The topic of the insertion in the civil code of the contract of logistic services - it has explained in its speech of takeover - is one of the points of my program, with that relative one to the review of the norm on the Department stores. The role of these last truths is source of safety and tranquillity just for the sake of the state treasury how much for the users, as the Department stores not only acquit to simple functions of warehouse, but also to those of fiduciary guard for the credits on the goods. We are engaged by some time with the ministry of the economic Development in order to update an indeed obsolete norm, than ago reference to a regal one I decree of 1927. Al Mise we have asked to create an appropriate commission on this forehead".

Kind it has specified that another crucial topic for the association, sight also the economic evolution in existence, is that of the Logistics of the Last Mile, for which Assologistica has started not for long a collaboration with the Freight Council Leaders. Emphasizing that mobility of goods and people in our cities is more and more becoming the element symbol for vivibilità and competitiveness of the territories and that in this context the tumultuous increase of the e-commerce, the services "home delivery based" and more in general terms of the just in Time is modifying radically the distributive models of our Country, Kind the necessity has rimarcato, in such scene, not only of giving a conjunctural answer in terms of professionality of the operators, but also to light preview the requirements of the future market of the increasing automation and sharing of data and services, in an optical of sharing economy. "It is exactly to these requirements - it has found - that goes given an answer in terms of intelligent programming in order to assure a more and more qualitative, flexible and resilient service to companies and citizens. And also on these Assologistica topics it will give its contribution".

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