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March 6, 2019

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The Spanish terminalisti speed up a reduction of the taxes on the harbour enterprises

They ask a reduction from 5.5% 4% for the fiscal share anniversary applicable to the tax basis

The association of Spanish terminalisti ANESCO asks a reduction for the harbour taxes, the rates of the harbour services and the taxes on the harbour enterprises to the aim to alleviate the fiscal pressure on the companies of the field and the consequent damages that this provokes to the national economy. The managing committee of the association, met yesterday to Madrid, has evidenced that "to ulteriorly increase the entrances of the public administrations through the harbour taxes, the harbour rates, the taxes on the societies and the immovable assets, through the increase of the social insurance contributions, etc, it means to relatively stop our import and exports and the loss of opportunity to the transfer traffics".

The ANESCO has emphasized that national the harbour system, that is composed of 46 harbour ports of call of managed state properties from 28 Harbour Authorities, enjoys optimal health from the economic point of view, generating an EBITDA annual comprised between 500 and 600 million euros and producing a consolidated economic result of beyond 200 million euros, and that the taxes are the main source of financing on which the state harbour system is based, taxes that would have to answer to the principle of equivalence regarding the costs of put on of areas and infrastructures and to the costs of the services supplied directly from the Harbour Authorities. According to an association of the terminalisti, the current level of the amount of the harbour taxes provokes to instead effects negatives, beginning from the generation of not invested economic resources, than they do not contribute to the development of the marine traffics neither to the development of private investments and of the activity of the companies and not even to the creation of places of work, to go to investments publics who, in some cases, do not answer to reasonable criteria of economic or social profit. For the ANESCO, therefore, this would violate the principle of equivalence between taxes and cost of the assets or the services supplied from Public Administration.

Remembering that the harbour concessionaires contribute for beyond 35% to the entrances of the Harbour Authorities, the ANESCO it has emphasized that the cost of the express canon as medium value for enlivened container teu from the Spanish terminalisti piles to 7,58 euros, than the concession canon represents about 10% of the total costs supported from the Spanish terminalisti, percentage that - it has found the association - clearly places them near the terminalisti of the nordeuropei ports but in disadvantage regarding the terminalisti of near nations, as Italy, and that the cost of the canon included in the costs of the services of cargo handling for a medium container terminal Spanish has grown of +14.42% between 2011 and 2014.

According to the ANESCO, the development of the marine traffic in the Spanish ports the fiscal share could be instead insured person reducing from current 5.5% to 4% anniversary applicable to the tax basis, than on the base of I decree legislative 2/2011 that it approves of the review of the law in harbour matter is determined also on the base of the value of the occupation of harbour areas and waters of the port, and has sped up Public Administration and the legislator to start activity of study and analysis on this proposal, being involved the interested parts, for valutatne the feasibility.

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