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19 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:59 GMT+2

March 7, 2019

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Fedespedi, although the slow down of the export Italian opportunities for the shippers are anticipated

Worry for the bending of the containerized trade in the national ports

For the Italian shippers the slow down of the national exports can be cultured as an opportunity. It supports Silvia Moretto, new president of Fedespedi, the Italian federation of the shippers, commenting the contents of the 14° four-month of economic information "Fedespedi - Economic published Outlook" today from the Centro Studi Fedespedi whom it evidences as, in spite of the great uncertainties that they weigh on the export Italian, the national exports continue to grow with a +3.8% in the first 11 months of 2018, down regarding +7.4% of the 2017 and right under export world-wide that ago to mark +4% in 2018, also it down regarding +5.3% of 2017.

"The slow down of export Italian in response to a bending of the economy and the international exchanges, the due to political and economic dynamics in existence - it has observed Moretto - is since we must pick as an opportunity. As we know, the Italian companies strongly are oriented to the export, date the weakness of the home market. Therefore, so much more in this moment than uncertainty and of increasing complexity of the scene of the international commerce, the professionality of the international shipper, strategic partner of the enterprises that they decide to internationalize own activity, it can make the difference and it can represent the lever of increase for the manufacture, above all if it is spoken about MPMI".

"It worries more, instead - but it has evidenced the president of Fedespedi - the data on the bending of the traffic of Italian ports (- 2.4%) in controtendenza regarding +8.8% of the other ports of the Mediterranean and to the continuous increase of those of the Europe North. The loss of competitiveness is a serious factor of risk for Italy and this delay goes recovered with a team play between private public and for the improvement of the efficiency of the systems of control of the goods in input/output, in order to improve the service returned to the enterprises exporting importers and".

The economic analysis of Centro Studi Fedespedi finds decreasing in fact as the Italian ports in the 2018 have enlivened 10,284 million container teu, of the -2,4% regarding 2017. If optimal they have been the results of Trieste (+17.7%), Naples (+13.0%) and Venice (+3.4%), is continued instead the crisis of the ports of transhipment, with the heavy bendings of Gioia Tauro (- 5.9%) and Cagliari (- 53.2%) and with Genoa that, after the tragedy of the Morandi bridge, has limited the losses to a modest one -0,5%.

Fedespedi emphasizes that "the data particularly worries because in controtendenza regarding how much it is recorded in the remainder of the Mediterranean, with the not Italian ports that they have enlivened altogether 27,6 million teu, with an increase of 8.8% on 2017, besides the customary positive course of the ports of the Nothern Ranges, that they have increased their traffics of +3.3%, with 44,3 million teu enlivened". Between the greater ports, in strong increase - specific Fedespedi - the ports of call of Pireo (+19.4%) and of Barcelona (+15.1%); bonds also the results of Tangeri Med (+4.8%), Valencia (+5.5%) and, in resumption after the decrease of 2017, Algeciras (+9.6%); optimal the performances of Antwerp (+6.2%) and Rotterdam (5.7%); in increase also the port of Zeebrugge (+5%) whose activities container are destined to expand themselves quickly with the income of COSCO Shipping Ports. They drop, instead, the German ports: Amburgo (- 1%) and Bremen (- 0.6%).

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