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23 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:08 GMT+2

March 11, 2019

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In the 2018 Tuscan ports of Alto Tirreno they have enlivened 44 million tons of goods (+7.3%)

Extraordinary commissioner Verna has assumed the guide of the AdSP

If in the 2018 port of Livorno it has enlivened a traffic of 36,5 million tons of goods, with an increase of +8.5% on the year precedence(on 18 February 2019), the entire system of the Tuscan ports of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern, than besides the Leighorn harbour port of call is constituted by the ports of Piombino, Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Porto Cavo, has enlivened 44 million tons of goods, with an increase of +7.3% on 2017.

The data is announced today in occasion of an encounter with prints of the extraordinary commissioner of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern, the admiral inspector Pietro Verna, named in recent days from the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Danilo Toninelli. Specifying of wanting itself to put quickly to job, the admiral has announced to have already asked all the directions for the harbour authority to make a dossier series it on the challenges that attend it and the priorities of participation: "already they are made - Verna has explained - a first idea me of the problematic sundries and the potentialities of the harbour ports of call of Alto Tirreno, to begin from Piombino that in these years has known a infrastructural development unprecedented: I will be confronted soon with my collaborators for having a first exchange of observations".

Verna has then spoken about the ESPO Conference, the conference of the association of the European ports that will hold to 24 next the 23 Livorno and May: "the choice of ESPO to organize its conference anniversary to Livorno - it has found - is not accidental. Livorno is the beautifulst city, with a marine tradition very which rooted. We will demonstrate to be a match for this event".

Relatively to the traffic enlivened in 2018 from the Tuscan ports of Alto Tirreno, an increase is found in almost all the segments of activity with the exception of that of the ferries in which a decrease is recorded of -0,4%. In the single field of the freeways of the sea, if the port of Livorno has enlivened 507 thousand commercial units (+13.2%), the port of Piombino of it has enlivened beyond 125 thousand (- 8.0%) and elbani ports 95 thousand (+1.8%), for an enlivened total almost 729 thousand tir and trailer from Tuscan ports (+7.1%).

Last year the passengers journeyed from the harbour ports of call of Alto Tirreno have been beyond 9,7 million (+0.5%). In increase the traffic of the fleeting cruises with 825 thousand (+12.3%). In particular, it has been the port of Livorno to record the more performing data, enlivening 786,136 crocieristi (+12.5%); they follow the elbani ports with 26.415 units (- 11.4%) and that of Piombino (12,759 units, +116.4%). In the traffic of the ferries, the ports in theirs entirety have enlivened almost nine million passengers, of which 2,6 million in transit from Livorno (+5.3%), 3,2 million from Piombino (- 2.7%) and 3,0 million from the insulare ports of call (- 2.7%).

In the field of the goods helter-skelter, tons of cargos are enlivened almost 12 million (of which 10,3 million tons enlivened to Livorno, +7.5%), included 9,5 of liquid bulk (+7.5%) and two million tons of bulk sand banks (+0.7%). Almost the totality of the other types of goods is enlivened by the port of Livorno.

Altogether in 2018 in the ports of call of Alto Tirreno they have made port of call 34,912 ships, decreasing of the -3,4% regarding the year precedence. The total tonnage is diminished also that is passed by 319 thousand tons in 2017 to 315 thousand in 2018.

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