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24 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 00:51 GMT+2

March 12, 2019

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For German BGL the cases of drunkeness of the truck drivers are consequence of the social dumping goods in foreign market of the haulers of the East

The association proposes the inclusion in the package of mobility of the EU of it obligation for the truck drivers to return at home after a maximum of four weeks

In Germany a series of numerous controls in order to assess the blood alcohol concentration of the truck drivers in pause in the highway areas of service that are carried out during the weekend from the police in Hesse has triggered centralized polemical igniting on the elevated number of drivers who had an excessive alcohol amount in the blood. The outcome of before a series of campaigns of assessments, the conduct to the end of January, has been of about 1.200 drivers controlled, of which 190 with a advanced blood alcohol concentration to the limits, included 79 to which has been tax the forced arrest warrant because of the particularly elevated rate.

Emphasizing of being absolutely in favor of regular controls of the blood alcohol concentration of the truck drivers, the Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (BGL), the German association of the haulers, has supported that the results of the carried out controls in Hesse are debatable and that in order to ask for the danger that the truck drivers travel on the roads under the effect of the alcohol are necessary to impose more human conditions of job for the haulers of Europe oriental. Such results, in fact - it has emphasized the association - "bring to light the consequences of the tolerated social dumping goods in foreign market in the European Union, Germany and also in Hesse for years. The societies of road haulage of Europe of the East - it has explained BGL - are buying up more and more transports in western Europe because of the their low salaries and indirect labor costs. Many truck drivers of Europe oriental - he has specified the association - quite pass weeks or months in western Europe without having the opportunity to return at home from their families. Alcohol on the weekends not working consumption of these nomads of the present time - it has evidenced BGL - is also the result of inhumane conditions of job".

The association has denounced that in Germany and in Hesse the situation is returned still more critic from the deficiency of parkings for truck: "in Hesse - it has specified BGL - they lack at least 2.500 places and at least 30,000 parkings on a national level. If all the parkings are occupied, the trucks are parked to the incomes and the escapes of the areas of pause or simply to sides of the freeway. The lack of parkings for truck - it has emphasized the association - is becoming more and more a risk for safety".

BGL has explained that, moreover, the parkings for truck are generally places in way such that leading is turned towards the road, that returns the necessary rest of leading more difficult. The association has evidenced the necessity that therefore the parkings are separated by the track from an antinoise wall, in order to return the rest of the truck drivers possible and to increase to the level of safety for all the users of the road.

The association of the German haulers has concluded advancing an ulterior proposal that in the intentions of the BGL would have to allow to improve the life of the truck drivers of Europe oriental, that mobility package of the EU consists in the inclusion of it obligation for the truck drivers to return at home after a maximum of four weeks. "Anyone can at home regularly be with its family - it has observed the association -, does not have reason to take to the bottle because of the social isolation. In this case conditions of job and safety of the traffic they go hand in hand".

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