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31 May 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 11:18 GMT+2

March 13, 2019

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On 28 March to Bolzano a convention will hold on the transalpine corridor of Brenner

It is promoted by Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica in collaboration with Freeway of Brenner

Next 28 March to Bolzano, near the conference room of Centro Pastorale in Piazza Duomo, will hold the convention "the transalpine corridor of Brenner: an opportunity of sustainability in transport and environmental and territorial regeneration" that it is promoted by Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (INU) in collaboration with Freeway of Brenner Spa.

The organizers have evidenced that the director of Brenner has represented in the centuries a great system of intermodal transport today interested from the freeway of Brenner, from the new railway tracing, with the realization of the Tunnel of Base and the drafts of access in order to reach the logistic pole of modal interchange of Verona, unwind important towards the Mediterranean to South and crossing towards East and the West. Freeway of Brenner has remembered that, comprising the importance to develop also the transport on track in support and in alternative to that on rubber for velocizzare the flows, in order to reduce in freeway the heavy traffic and the atmospheric pollution and in order to reduce the costs of storage and shipment of the goods, it supports the realization of the railway Tunnel of Brenner financing the work and the potenziamento of the terminalistica offer of Verona and Trento with part of the profits of the society, with the perspective that the two infrastructures, freeway and railroad, become the sinergica occasion of development and economic increase, but also the bet that the improvement ofmobility becomes an opportunity of regeneration of the territories crossed in the social and environmental sustainability.

With the convention of studies on 28 March one agrees to focus the attention on the relationship between infrastructures, the flows of people and goods and the crossed territories. The objectives are: to make the point on the role of the freeway and the railroad of Brenner in the social and economic development of the area by Verona al Brennero and the impacts of the flows of people and goods (of car, truck and trains) on the alpine ecosystem and its populations; to deepen the projects in course, their state of advance, the relationship with the cities and the valleys crossed, evidencing of problems and opportunity; to realize a system of mobility that supports the local and European economic progress, strengthening the cooperation and the competitiveness of the territories; to promote the actions necessary in order to reduce the flows, to move them from the rubber to the iron, to reduce of the territorial impacts in along but also in the short period being activated synergies between the managers of infrastructures, local authorities and the enterprises of transport; to pick the opportunities that the infrastructural participations offer to the territories in terms of town-planning requalification and of reorganization of mobility.



General considerations

Silvia Viviani, national President INU

Luigi Olivieri, President of the Freeway of Brenner

Institutional salutes

Daniel Alfreider, City council member to mobility and Vice president of the independent Province of Bolzano

Renzo Caramaschi, Mayor of the city of Bolzano

Beginning of the work

It moderates and it concludes: Francesco Sbetti, town-planning Director information


Infrastructures and territory

Peter Morello - INU Alto Adige-Südtirol


Economic development and mobility

Giulio Santagata, Nomisma


The environmental impact

Dino Zardi, University of Trento


The freeway

Carlo Costa, Production manager Generale di Autostrada of Brenner PLC


The railroad

Ezio Facchin, already extraordinary Commissioner for the lines of access to the tunnel of Brenner


The territory: Bolzano

Mariachiara Paschal, gi? ssessora to the Urban planning of the Municipality of Bolzano


The territory: Verona

Nicola Boaretti, Director Consorzio ZAI - Interporto Quadrant Europe Verona

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