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March 15, 2019

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The field of the logistics of the manifest car worry for an escape of the Reign from the EU not regulated

Erik Jonnaert (ACEA): "the impact of a Brexit without agreements on the automotive industry would be catastrophic"

The modality with which the United Kingdom it will exit from the European Union is not still clear, with the British parliament that it has established to ask the EU to delay the current procedure whose expiration is fixed for next 29 March and with the prime Minister Theresa May who in the next few days will stretch newly to convince the parliamentarians to accept its agreement on the Brexit, and many fields of the economy continue to interrogate themselves on which effects this event will have on their activity. Between these that of the logistics of the car, represented in Europe from the ECGs (The Association of European Vehicle Logistics) that Wednesday in the port of Zeebrugge has held an encounter in order to discuss in general terms about the impact of the imminent Brexit on the transboundary exchanges, and in particular on the field of the logistics of the motor vehicles, to which they have participated beyond 80 between suppliers of logistic services, representatives of automotive houses, operating harbour, customs civil employees and others you leave interested.

If nobody has manifested doubts that all the exchanges between the EU and the United Kingdom will be influenced in terms of costs and ability from the Brexit and all has agreed that the full consequences of such event, and in particular of an escape of the United Kingdom from the EU without an agreement, still are disowned, it is evidenced that, however, the impact on the European automotive industry risks to being particularly serious as currently the field closely is integrated by an economic, normative and technical point of view. It is found that the automotive production is a extremely complex field with a net of production integrated that covers Europe, with the constructors of vehicles that manage more than 300 systems than assemblage and production in all the European continent, with 30 plants in the single United Kingdom that they produce is engines that entire vehicles, besides many other suppliers of the automotive industry.

According to summoned person, if the exact implications of the Brexit are still difficult to preview, any change correlated to the current high level of integration and normative picture will sure have an impact negative on the producers and on the suppliers of automobiles and the systems of production "just in Time", so vital for the European automotive industry, undoubtedly they will be influenced by the controls to the frontiers and the congestion of the ports. Hard worry is manifested in particular by Erik Jonnaert, general secretary of the ACEA, the European association of the constructors of automobiles: "the impact of a Brexit without agreements on the automotive industry - it has asserted - would be catastrophic".


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