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21 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 04:32 GMT+2

March 18, 2019

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The port of Trieste signs understandings with ÖBB-Infra, RFI and Rail Austria Cargo for the potenziamento of the railway modality

Of Augustin: it has been the development of the intermodal and railway activities, in particular of the railroad Austrian, to determine the awakening of our port

Today, in the day in which they rerun the 300 years of the institution by Emperor Carlo YOU of the Carriage free of Trieste, president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea Adriatic Orientale, Zeno D' Augustin, has signed two memorandum of understanding in order to ulteriorly develop to the railway relations between the port of Trieste and the hinterland of reference in Center-East Europe. The first agreement has been undersigned with the societies for the management of railway infrastructures of Austria and Italy, ÖBB-Infrastruktur and Italian Railway Rete (RFI), and the second with Rail Cargo Austria (RCA), the society cargo of railway group Austrian ÖBB.

The understandings, which signed in Sala Rossa della Torre of the Lloyd to Trieste, engage the parts to share a common strategy of development finalized to the optimization of the logistic processes, through the potenziamento of the net and the consequent increment of ability to the destination terminals. In concrete terms the memoranda will lead the signers to estimate possible modernizations, new works and the removal of eventual necks of bottle, to the aim to facilitate the activity of the railway carriers.

Under the strategic profile the memoranda will favor new set in action to support of the marine activity in the launches inland reference terminal - as the Trieste Fernetti, the Interporto of Cervignano del Friuli, that Austrian of Fürnitz and the Budapest Hungarians - Mahart and Bilk - allowing the income in the share compages of the respective truths and so favoring investments in the interest activities. Already it is started, moreover, the study of solutions of customs corridor, also railway, that they will afford to inside pull down remarkablly the time of waited for of the goods of the harbour areas.

"The signature of these two memorandum - it has emphasized Of Augustin - is most important because the development of the intermodal and railway activities has been own, in particular of the railroad Austrian, to in the past few years determine the awakening of our port. As in a return to the past, the logical ones that submitted to the harbour development centuries ago are the same ones that today is reshaped and that they make of the port of Trieste object of attentions total level. Creed is one of the least cases, if the only one, in which the agency manager of not transboundary a harbour logistic infrastructure it reaches an agreement with the great managers of nets and railway services of two Countries, Italy and Austria, in order not to go to delineate the future hypotheses of analysis and investment. The defined agreements are much concrete and will afford to plan at best the future development of the port of Trieste, being offered guarantees are to who already you work is to the potential future investor".

"Trieste - the managing director of the group ÖBB, Andreas Matthä has commented - is a model to follow regarding the efficiency of the interconnection of various modalities of transport. Here ships and railroad are connected and form an optimal logistic chain. We are very proud that Rail Austria Cargo is an important logistic partner for the Carriage free of Trieste. As integrated partner, equipped of a strong railway net, we want to give to an ulterior impulse to the transport goods via train, so to guarantee type of an economic and respectful transport of the atmosphere. We are sure that, together with our partner Italian, we will continue in future on this road also".

"The agreement today - it has found the commercial director of Italian Railway Net, Christian Colaneri - represents an ulterior step towards an integration model that has as objective the development of the transport goods on track and the intermodalità. The collaboration with the port of Trieste and ÖBB Infrastruktur re-enters just in this strategy, than RFI it is getting ahead on all the national territory and that it heads more and more to improve connectivity between the ports and the railway net, with the final objective to facilitate the shift modal, with benefits for national the logistic system, for the economy, for the atmosphere".

To conclusion of the signature of memoranda, in order to celebrate the trecentesimo anniversary of the institution of the Carriage free of Trieste, the president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Orientale and the president of the Association Italy-Austria FVG, Aldo Scagnol, they have I lie in wait for in the historical income della Torre Lloyd a commemorative plate, donated from the Italy-Austria Association.

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