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17 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:59 GMT+2

March 22, 2019

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Spediporto is worried that the deficiency of assigned staff to carry out the controls on the goods can penalize the port of Genoa

Blow: the risk is that the system of the controls goes as one operating

The association of the genoese shippers is worried that the activity of the port of the capital of Liguria can be slowed down from the deficiency of assigned staff to carry out the controls on the goods. "We are worried - the general manager of Spediporto has explained, Giampaolo Botta - than Rome has forgotten that the port of Genoa beyond to being the greatest port for number of enlivened containers is also the more important Italian port for number of verifications and controls to the goods. An indispensable and very delicate function. To being subject to controls they are the goods that end on the plank of the Italians. The risk, if a consistent number of doctors, veterinaries did not have to arrive and technicians, to current support of the organic one by now reduced to the bone, are that the system of the controls goes as one operating. Already today delays and large uneasiness to the procedures of analysis and control are signaled. The problem - it has emphasized Blow - is roman, the Usmaf offices and Veterinario, depends on the Health ministry. Today these two offices, strategic, are without the leader tenured and under organic. the personal present to Genoa, is of sanitary that veterinary, is giving proof of great sense of responsibility, with great sacrifice gets ahead the job in the daily paper but this situation cannot last over a long time span".

The association of the shippers has remembered that every year in the port of Genoa tens of thousands of controls on the goods are carried out, released beyond 50 thousand certifyd sanitary and 15 thousand certifyd veterinaries, and that Genoa is the more important port of Italy regarding import and export of so much destined food to the human and/or animal consumption that to the industry.

"In Italy - it has found Blow - with justice it is spoken mostly, if not only, of infrastructures. Nevertheless the weight that has the control services is elevated. The reliability of a port of call, on times and costs of the controls, affects significantly the choices of importers and exporter. Sometimes the costs for these controls, or the accumulated delays, exceed the value of the marine hire of the container. If it did not have to be started in concrete terms to the problem the risk is to lose customers for inefficiency of the system to offer quality services. All without to count that beginning from next 14 December leaves of the competences of Usmaf they will pass to the Veterinaries; to organic unchanged it will be impossible to support this ulterior organizational revolution. Not more better - it has specified the general manager of Spediporto - if the Agency of Customs passes to it here also, waiting for new interregional director, the situation is becoming critical above all in the SOT (Operating Section Territorial), particularly critical the situation of New Step (Old Port) where, besides the problem of the scanner that has involved an investment from six million euro and is used part-Time, the activities, tied not only to the traffic container but also ro-ro, demand an availability of human resources on the weekends also".

"The harbour car - it has concluded Blow - is complex. In order to work to full regime he has necessity that every actor, is public who private, can be put in condition for working at best, the optimization of the operational cycle involves sensitive savings to all advantage of the final customers. We are destined to work H24/7, is the law of the market. In Europe many ports of call are already organized. The times of yield of the goods have become fundamental in competitive key, instead totally are ignored here".

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